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If you haven't heard about the whole twerking debacle at the MTV VMAs on Sunday by now, well, you're probably living under a rock, or doing one of those "a year without technology" things or are, I don't know, somehow oblivious to pop culture and current events in every conceivable way. The Miley Cyrus reaction shots going around the internet in the wake of her performance were even better.

Even Hank and Marie from Breaking Bad saw it, and, well, let's just say they had the same reaction that most of the country also seemed to have, which was, "WTF did we just watch...?" Check out this awesome little clip put together by YouTuber Sam Barnett. Hank's face says it all.


Even though we probably had the same reaction for very different reasons, I'm totally on board with Hank's level of dumbfoundedness. Somehow, I don't think watching Miley awkwardly prancing around like a drunk dinosaur is going to do anything to help Hank's already unstable mental state, do you?

In any case, you can see how this all affected Hank and Marie in the next episode of Breaking Bad, which airs this Sunday night.

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