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seems like he's riding on Cloud Nine at the moment. Practically everyone is piling praise onto his latest space-faring flick, Gravity, with several critics favoring the movie for a much sought-after Oscar.

Luckily, that hasn't stopped Cuarón from getting carried away and forgetting about his former 'failures'. Now, if you ask me, Cuarón's filmography reads like a masterclass in movie making, including such titles as Y Tu Mama Tabien and the peerless Children of Men, but Cuarón sees it differently. In a directors' round-table, he expressed his one big directorial regret. After claiming he fell into a creative slump after 1995's A Little Princess, he added:

And then I got a bit engaged in the machinery. I forgot that I used to do my own stuff, and I became this reader of screenplays that they were sending to me. And I started forgetting that I had a voice. It started to become more about the industry. And then I did a film that was a horrible experience, Great Expectations (1998). That is a film that I should have not done. I passed many times, and then I ended up saying yes for the wrong reasons.

The film, which re-imagined Charles Dicken's classic tale to the 20th century, featured some pretty massive names at the time (including , and ), but still failed to make any headway critically or commercially.

However, if Cuarón had turned down the project, there was someone ready to jump into his boots. It turns out that , who was also present at the round-table, would have loved to direct Great Expectations. The American Hustle director claimed:

I was jealous that you got to make that film because I wanted to make it!

To which Cuarón quickly replied:

Really, you should have.

What do you think? Have you seen Great Expectations? Was it as bad as Cuarón is making out? Let us know below.


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