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I remember a time when there was always a fun, addicting franchise dominating the box office or television screens. From to , the classic vampires have always entertained the immortal masses, but the winds of change are signaling a very dire fact for the children of the night. We are seeing a Walking Dead-like wave passing through that may not be what genre enthusiasts enjoy. The current franchises that spawned such wonderful universes that made the un-dead sexy, loving, and delicious are either dead, or dying. I mean, look at what happened to at the box office.

'Underworld: Blood Wars' By The Numbers

[Credit: Box Office Mojo]
[Credit: Box Office Mojo]

The last installment of the Underworld franchise received a shellacking by critics, as the reviews pointed to a disaster onscreen. Fans had so much hope that this installment could redeem the franchise from its last movie outing, but now we can assume Blood Wars will be the finale of the series:

'Underworld: Blood Wars' is a poorly-constructed slog of a sequel that fails to engage the audience in any impactful manner. Full review

Chris Agar — Screen Rant

For half an hour or so, 'Blood Wars' makes a token stab at actual theatrical drama in order to set up the ballistic body-splattering that is its real reason for being. Full review

Owen Gleiberman — Variety

The weakest entry in a generally mediocre franchise.

Kim Newman — Empire

'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

The CW will finally end the long running Vampire Diaries this year due to weakening ratings and the absence of star Nina Dobrev, who will be returning for the finale of the series. Although the universe will continue with The Originals (which has had a decent run so far), there will be a hole left when the Salvatore Brothers finally take their final bow. Many fans were turned off after the countless deaths and resurrections of characters became a joke, but for those who still tune in, the end of The Vampire Diaries will surely be a sad event.

With the success of The Walking Dead, and countless paranormal movies and television, it looks like the vampire genre is going through a mutation on the screen. Fox is ending its popular show The Strain after four seasons, but has greenlit a new vampire drama project based on the novel by Justin Cronin to replace it. Both franchises are based on worlds where vampires are more bloodsucking, mindless monsters that are the sum of a infectious plague of some sort. It almost seems like they are taking elements from the countless zombie apocalypse stories that are the craze now and driving away from the romantic characters that have fueled the popularity of the genre for countless generations.

'The Strain' [Credit: Fox]
'The Strain' [Credit: Fox]

So what will the future look like for vampires? Will we be fed monsters that are more gore than substance? Will we ever be visited by characters like Edward, Damon, Lestat or again? The genre may live on for generations to enjoy, but the creatures of the night may not be as romantic as we'd like.


Are vampires losing their appeal?


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