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Though clearly the territory of exaggerated satire, the world of GTA 5 is a mostly quotidian, believable place. Sure, Los Santos and Blaine County sees its share of horrendous crime, but almost everything that's going on is caused by both rational and irrational human behavior. Explosions, grueling car accidents, chainsaw massacres and mass shootings; nothing unusual about that in a video game environment.

But there is one place where the regular laws of the material world seem to remain suspended. A place that's instead ruled by a strange, maddening force that has no regard for the boundaries of the rest of the game. A place where people have sighted creepy clowns, wall-facing Indian cultists and heard both beasts and babies wailing.

It's the Blaine County Motel, an abandoned, trashy, old building located in the derelict part of Sandy Shores. There's a ton a creepy myths surrounding this mysterious place and we're here to make sure you come prepared the next time you head out there.

A Night At The Gates Of Hell

In this video, Youtuber Dark Corners set out to spend an entire night in the possibly haunted motel, and what we witness through that night is a bit disturbing but mostly just super weird. The strangest thing to happen is marked by the sudden appearance of an NPC, who pops up out of nowhere just to stand there looking at a wall, not reacting when the player bumbs into him.

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Some datamining shows that this exact NPC is a member of the Altruist Cult, which is a cannibalistic cult living in the Chiliad Mountain State wilderness in GTA 5. His corpse seems to disappear out of nowhere and leave behind a big puddle of blood at the exact same location as he died.

Other stuff happens during the night as well. Rats flee, footsteps, and perhaps even screams (or a coyote), are heard in the distance. And then the game crashes.

A Place For Clowns

Youtuber DaviDustin has discovered another wall-facing NPC in Blaine County Motel, but on his adventure he didn't find a cannibal but a clown in a green suit. Which is arguably scarier. Especially because clowns in GTA 5 don't exist outside of the Grass Roots mission, where Trevor gets high and starts hallucinating.

DaviDustin theorizes that there might actually clowns present in more locations than we know of in GTA 5. And that they spawn in locations where you normally find homeless vagrants (like Blaine County Motel) because these NPCs exclaim "clown" when a player character walks by them with a weapon drawn.

We're not too sure about that theory, but the fact of the matter is that a clown spawned in the motel, which further adds to the strangeness of the place.

Lots Of Horror Noises

This beast might very well be behind one of the motel myths.
This beast might very well be behind one of the motel myths.

Another thing that seems to haunt Blaine County Motel is noise. Inside the building, strange knocking and scraping sounds can be heard and it seems like the sources of these can't be verified. And as mentioned earlier, noises resembling screams echo through the night, while what sound like a dinosaur's roar, a baby crying, and a bottle breaking can be heard at other times.

We're pretty sure that screams are actually coyotes and the dinosaur roar might stem from the boars which were implemented into the game. But everything adds a bit to the terrible mystery of the Blaine County Motel.

Have you been to the motel and do you think it's haunted?

[Video credit in order of appearance: ItsTinyGamer and DaviDustin]


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