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With a colossal net worth of just under $3 billion, Oprah Winfrey has her entrepreneurial fingers in many, many pies — but just what is she doing in 2017? In the January Edition of her Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Oprah said that 2017 would be her "Year of Adventure" and she wasn't wrong.

With a new cookbook, several movies in post and pre-production, a holiday with the Obamas, multiple college graduation speeches, a return to TV via the 60 Minutes show and having just lost a huge 40 pounds, Oprah is up to a whole lot this year. Oh, and she's considering running for President in 2020. So, to get a better picture of everything she's up to, here's everything Oprah is doing now in 2017.

What TV Shows Will Oprah Winfrey Be On In 2017?

Even though The Oprah Winfrey Show aired its final episode back in 2011, Oprah has not by any means retired from TV. Having already been a guest star on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The David Rubenstein Show so far this year, she is also set to join the 60 Minutes Sunday night news show this fall as a special contributor.

In a statement released in conjunction with the news of her joining the show, Oprah announced that her decision to join 60 Minutes was largely politically motivated, as an endeavor to help the wounds of a divided America:

"I’m so excited and proud to join forces with this historic news program, which for me represents the bastion of journalistic storytelling. At a time when people are so divided, my intention is to bring relevant insight and perspective, to look at what separates us, and help facilitate real conversations between people from different backgrounds.”

Is Oprah Winfrey Starring In, Or Making, Any Movies In 2017?

The biggest Oprah Winfrey movie of 2017 so far has been the HBO movie The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks. Based on a book with the same title by Rebecca Skloot, the movie traces the story of Henrietta who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the '50s, and whose cancerous cells went on to change the course of cancer treatment forever.

Not only did Oprah Winfrey star in the movie as Deborah Lacks — Henrietta's eccentric daughter in the movie — but she also produced the film alongside Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) and Lydia Dean Pilcher (The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Darjeeling Limited). The next movie we can expect to see (or rather, hear) Oprah Winfrey in this year is The Star, an animated Christian comedy film set for release in November 2017. The Star focuses on a donkey called Bo and his animal friends who are the secret heroes of the first Christmas, with Oprah Winfrey playing Deborah the camel.

Looking ahead to 2018, Oprah Winfrey will be starring in two movies. These are Terms of Endearment — a remake of the 1983 movie — and A Wrinkle in Time alongside Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Did Oprah Winfrey Achieve Her Weight Loss With Her New Cookbook?

Oprah's new cookbook, Food, Health and Happiness, is a combination of decades of dieting and finally making peace with the "struggle of eating" with help from some of the top Weight Watchers chefs. Oh her website, Oprah said of her new book:

"I've been wanting to share the recipes I love to make (Weight Watchers points and all) — and the lessons I’ve learned about ending my lifelong struggle with eating."

These were sentiments she elaborated on in more depth on the CBS This Morning show, stating that she is currently feeling "healthier, more alive, more connected" then ever before. Now a major investor in Weight Watchers, Oprah is a huge advocate for the weight-loss community, referring to it not as a "diet" but as a "support system."

It was by working with the Weight Watcher's program and learning to appreciate her body for what it is that Oprah was able to lose 42 pounds and ultimately, be able to write a cookbook which reflected her new-found knowledge.

Oprah Winfrey Is Joking About Running For President In 2020... Or Is She?

Having spent the Easter break vacationing with Barack and Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen aboard a yacht on the coast of Tahiti, Oprah is no stranger to rubbing shoulders with the political elite. Her thoughts about possibly running for President in 2020 however were made known during her chat with David Rubenstein in a Bloomberg interview.

Having always believed (as many did) that you could not run for President without having previous government experience, the fact that Donald Trump became President has made Oprah rethink this, telling David:

"I thought 'Oh gee, I don't have the experience. I don't know enough.' And now I'm thinking... Oh!"

Social media naturally exploded with joy at the prospect of an Oprah vs. Trump 2020 Presidential campaign, and with Oprah's intimidating net worth, humongous fandom and general likability, she could very well give The Donald a run for his money.

Would you like to see Oprah Winfrey become President in 2020?

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