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HBO’s highly anticipated Westworld doesn’t debut until October, but a lot can be assessed from watching the original 1973 film written by Michael Crichton – the same guy who wrote Jurassic Park. It's been 43 years since the original premiered, but our fascination for alternative realities and android rebellion hasn't changed one bit.

It is difficult to say if the series will stick exactly to the script of the original movie, but co-writers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy say the series will examine the spaces that were "left unexplored" in the original film. This series has been called the next Game of Thrones and HBO's new killer show, and it hasn't even premiered yet!

To ease the excitement, let’s take a look at the 1973 trailer for Westworld:

Here is the 2016 trailer for HBO's Westworld:

3 Things The Original Film Can Tell Us About The Upcoming Series

1. Enemies Will Be Made

There's no doubt conflict will take place in a world of androids vs. humans. It will be the classic case of humans creating a monster, but will the androids possess humanity and compassion? It cannot be denied that a show taking place in the Old West will include duels, cowboy hats, and of course, mortal enemies. In this clip, two guests make enemies with a member of Westworld in a swift and orderly fashion. A foreshadowing of problems to come? Absolutely.

2. There Will Be Glitches In Westworld

In the 1973 original film, guests of Westworld are told that no harm can come to them while they are in the theme park. In the 2016 HBO series, the androids don't know they are in an artificial world until things start to go awry. Either way, human control of Westworld will be interrupted or lost due to technological mishaps. These accidents will have tragic consequences that cannot be fixed further down the road. Things will begin to happen that are "not supposed to happen."

3. There Will Be Blood

We know from the trailer that blood will be shed, but who exactly will be doing the killing? It looks like both the androids and humans will have blood on their hands before long. A war will surely be looming after the rebellion of androids, that's for sure.

No one can say for sure exactly what will happen until we get to watch Westworld in all of its high definition glory come October, and even then I'm sure we will have more questions about the plot and where it might be headed. It's safe to say HBO has another hit on its hands and I cannot wait!

What are you most excited about in the upcoming HBO show Westworld?


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