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Although Agent Cooper's fate was left up in the air in that cliffhanger finale of Season 2, we were all hoping that somehow after 27 years we would find him sitting at the Double R Diner with Harry and Big Ed, enjoying a slice of cherry pie an a damn fine cup of coffee. But now that Season 3 has started, we now know that poor Agent Cooper has been stuck in the Black Lodge, patiently waiting, while his evil doppelgänger (whom I will refer to as "doppelCoop" from now on) has been roaming wild on Earth, murdering and being a generally bad hombre.

When the time finally came for the two Coopers to switch places — with doppelCoop going back to the Black Lodge and Good Coop coming back to the real world — doppelCoop foiled the natural course of things by creating a decoy doppelgänger named Dougie who would go back into the Black Lodge in his place. As a result, Good Cooper accidentally switches places with Dougie, meaning both the good and evil Coopers are now on terra firma together — which shouldn't have happened.

But there's more. Heartbreakingly, Good Cooper's been totally out of it since he emerged from the Lodge — only able to repeat words he hears from others, and not even sure how to pee properly *sob* — and it's not entirely clear what's wrong with him. All we want to see is Special Agent Dale Cooper back in full possession of his faculties and chatting to Diane (whom we might finally be about to meet?!) about Douglass firs, but what exactly happened to Coop? Will we see him snap out of his reverie? Let's explore the best theories about why Agent Cooper is so dazed:

Switching With Dougie Screwed Everything Up

As stated above, the evil doppelCoop created a third Coop, Dougie, so he wouldn't have to return to the Black Lodge when he was scheduled to. Although his plan was discovered by Mike, it was already too late and Dougie had arrived in the Lodge, his head turning to smoke, leaving nothing but a golden bead sitting in his and a certain ring we know from sitting in the chair.

A possible explanation for Good Cooper's state is that since he ended up in the wrong place, his brains got addled from switching places with an entity that turned out to be a fake.

25 Years In The Black Lodge Will Mess You Up, Man

The Black Lodge is not a fun place to be, and Agent Cooper's been stuck in there for 25 YEARS. After all this time spent in the company of entities who speak backwards and a talking nerve tree called the "Evolution of the Arm" — not to mention all their evil doppelgängers and the constantly changing landscape — you'd probably be totally discombobulated being plonked in the real world too.

If you all remember back to Fire Walk With Me, David Bowie's Agent Jeffries (who sadly will not be returning in Season 3), was also wildly confused after his long stint in the Black Lodge.

He Just Needs Some Time To Adjust

Transitioning between the Black Lodge and real world cannot be easy. As stated above, Cooper's been there for a long time and he probably doesn't fully understand what's going on around him yet. But that's nothing a damn good cup of coffee couldn't fix, amiright?

What do you think is happening to Agent Cooper?


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