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Mark Newton

Switzerland is famous for only 3 things: Their cheese with holes in it, offshore banking and their dedication to neutrality. But now we can add one more thing to that list: once went there.

While is off philandering with Dylan Penn, Kristen has been exploring the joyous Swiss countryside. But even here she in unable to escape from the hordes of KStew fans. According to various gossip sites (oh, and this article I wrote earlier), Kristen is apparently in the dumps after hearing of Rob's relationship. However, in these new photos that couldn't seem further from the truth. Check her out playing with a dog and meeting a fan below:

See, doesn't she look chipper?

What do you think? Is she over this whole debauched affair? Indeed, perhaps it is the legions of KStew-RPatz fans that are the ones who can't really let go? Have a think about that and drop your comments below.


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