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Hiding beneath a grungy facade of unwashed hair and baggy t-shirts, former sparkly Twilight vampire Kristen Stewart has a lot of hidden talents...and they aren't all as rock'n'roll as she'd probably like you to think!

As it turns out, the skilled Camp X-Ray actress and natural beauty is a dab hand at golf. Her on-screen co-star, Prison Break's Lane Garrison, has revealed in a recent interview that KStew is in fact an "amazing golfer!" Who'da thunk it! He explained:

Kristen Stewart is an amazing athlete and an amazing golfer. We built a driving range on the set of Camp X-Ray and she can hit the ball perfectly straight like 220 yards. She's awesome.

When quizzed on her dirty little golfing secret at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the notoriously awkward Stewart revealed that she learned to play the sport with her dad. And with her usual nonchalant interview persona, she called it "a dorky activity" which she would never wear proper golf kit for, because she's "way too cool" for that!

Check out her and Lane Garrison on the red carpet:


Are you guys surprised by KStew's hidden talent? What else d'you think she's hiding from us? Sound off below!

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