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David Latona

When a blockbuster movie chock-full of special effects and CGI is still in the shooting process, it looks really different from the final cut version. Of course we all know that; but how big a difference are we talking about?

In these two newly-surfaced videos of on-set filming, we are allowed a closer look at how these FX-laden sequences are made. Although admittedly very little action takes place, we can glimpse a spacecraft of sorts, apparently a pretty big one, being filmed in front of a green screen with all kinds of paper paraphernalia thrown down from a crane in the background. An American flag is seen undulating above, but the star-spangled banner gets the gravity treatment later on in the video and falls to the ground. I can't really come up with the significance of this act in the movie, so I'll leave it to you savvier fans to figure out. Meanwhile, have a look at the 'making of' of Transformers: Age of Extinction:



Via: ComicBookMovie.

You can check out more on-set footage for the movie by clicking here.

Transformers 4, starring , , and , will hit theaters on June 27th, 2014.



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