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In my head, the Paranormal Activity saga is incredibly complex and well thought out. If reality turns out to contradict this notion, then I'm not going to be very happy with the franchise. So far, they've managed to build a complex mythology that I can't wait to see explained. One of the bigger questions for me regarding the overaching plot is the barely explained coven of witches, first touched upon in Paranormal Activity 3. There may have been references to them in the first two movies but I'm struggeling to remember.

Lets just say that our first experience with the vengeful group of witches, seemingly controlling the lives of our protagonists is this:

Remember? That spooky moment from 3 where Dennis stumbles across Grandma Lois' group of friends and what they like to get up to in the middle of the night. What is perhaps the most shocking aspect of the scene is the dead eyed grannies slowly making their way toward our hero Dennis.

Once he's made his way back inside, head witch grandma Lois appears and forces Dennis to do death yoga.

I mean, even if he wasn't the right man for your daughter, there's no need to break his spine, Lois. Still, so far, awesome witch action -- very little explantion.

After checking out the most recent appearence of the witches it appears as if they're recruiting, or at least breeding. Here's the final shot of Paranormal Activity 4:

Look how young the witches are now. Is this an intentional decision? Are the witches recruiting? Breeding? Getting younger?

My theory about this whole mess? Remember learning about the Salem witch trials that occurred in colonial Massachusetts in the 1600s? Of course you do, you're a studious bunch. I like to imagine that, for benefit of this story, the witch trials weren't just mass hysteria. The people of Salem really were plagued by witches, and before they could totally irradiate the scourge, the growing public outrage ensured the survival of a small band of said witches.

These women struck out into the sparsely populated regions in the interior of the country, slowly building their numbers, all serving an evil entity with a single desire -- one we don't know yet. These witches are there to facilitate the evil aims of Toby.

Mind blow? Yeah. Totally blow.

Do you agree with my theory?

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