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Tron: Legacy could have been a lot better, but criticisms aside, it was still an entertaining flick with awesome visuals and a crazy-good soundtrack from Daft Punk. The visually iconic 2010 sci-fi picked up from the original, re-starring as computer hacker Kevin Flynn and his son Sam () as they battled through the digital domain of The Grid.

It's not completely out of the (electronic) blue, then, that the world wants another one. Fan interest has kept the possibility of TRON 3 alive, and member of the Tron team, writer , has provided updates about how soon audiences can expect that third instalment.

Talking to Forbes recently, Horowitz teased:

Hopefully we'll have some news about what's going on forward with the next one soon. There's nothing official to announce now but hopefully soon, but it's chugging along. It is. Eddie [Kitsis] and I are co-producers on the film. And we have a script that's being written by a great writer named . And we're really, really excited. I mean the studio is hopefully excited, but Joe [Kosinski, the director] is involved and everybody's involved and everybody is waiting to get the go-ahead and we're hopeful.

So, it's a project still in limbo but, apparently, not yet shelved. That can only be interpreted as good news for Tron fans, right? Stay close for updates as we get them!



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