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So, anybody behind on The Vampire Diaries (i.e you haven't seen Season 4 yet), this isn't the article for you. There are big spoilers about the last season coming up, so give this a miss!

One of the biggest questions fans are asking after the end of Season 4 is this: will Bonnie stay dead? Or is she set to return to the world of the living any time soon?

Here's the quandary: at the end of last season (SPOILER ALERT!), Bonnie () sacrificed her life for that of her lovers Jeremy (), leaving many fans bereft. But then, the news came that producer said that she would still be a regular on the show this coming season. But she's dead? How can this be?

Well, she's back...but it's this fabled 'Other Side' of Vampire Diaries lore that's her new home. Bonnie's not coming back to life any time soon, we're sure about that, but she will be communicating with Jeremy in her ghostly form. This drags up a number of biggggg problems - most notably, they can't even touch! Continuing their relationship from this 'Other Side' is gonna be a tad tricky, me thinks.

So, my final question? Is Bonnie a regular for the next few seasons? Or is this a one season final fling? Unless she comes back to life in a batshit-crazy plot twist (which admittedly is not beyond the abilities of network TV scripters), Bonnie's gonna be a ghostly figure for the duration. And a relationship spanning the real-world and the 'Other Side' doesn't scream long-term potential to me.

Regardless, Bonnie as a character is a corker (and the fans love her too), so I hope the writers can keep her involved for as long as possible. But, at the same time, I'd rather Bonnie left the show on a high, rather than being shoehorned in mechanically - the character deserves more than this.

How does everyone feel? Is Bonnie set to remain dead in The Vampire Diaries Season 5? Or spring back to life in a shock twist? Jump in with your theories below!


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