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Kristen Stewart is good at a lot of things: making a frowning face, making headlines because of her latest relationship update with Robert Pattinson... but more surprisingly, it turns out that she is also good at acting. Stewart seems to have transgressed her Twilight alter-ego (except of course the residual Pattinson affair). Her new drama, Camp X-Ray , where she impersonates a conflicted soldier in Guantanamo, premiered January 17 at the Sundance Film Festival and Stewart has received very positive reviews about her performance.

There is one thing however, that even Kristen Stewart is NOT good at. Her fellow Camp X-Ray actors actually described her as being "crappy" and "terrible" at it. The actress herself had to admit: she really sucks at BOWLING.

Stewart's bowling skills came up as a conversation topic during a red carpet interview with MTV at the Sundance Film Festival. The actress' shortcoming was revealed at a cast outing to the local lanes. Stewart's Camp X-Ray co-star said:

Kristen sucks at bowling. I will say that. I tried to help her. I tried.

Stewart's other co-stars were also happy to emphasize what a terrible bowler she is. said:

She's a crappy bowler. She needs bumpers.

also verified:

She is terrible.

Eventually, even Stewart herself admitted frankly that bowling is the ONE sport she cannot do, despite being good at EVERYTHING else.

Oh, I am. I'm awful, and it sucks because I'm really kind of good at everything. I cannot bowl, and it really is very frustrating.

Take a look at the video interview here:

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(source: MTV)

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So next time you feel self-conscious compared to Kristen Stewart, just challenge her to compete with you in bowling.


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