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When rumors circulated that a sixth installment to the Fast & Furious franchise was in the works, it touched off a brief bit of speculation about the title. Would it be called Fast 6? Or Furious 6? Or Fast and Furious 6? Or something else entirely? The producers finally settled on the none-too-creatively titled Fast & Furious 6, and that was that.

Except, as fans might notice in the opening credits of the movie, the title card reads "Fast 6". So what's the official title of the film? Slashfilm spoke with director about the decision, and Lin explained his thought process. Basically, it all boils down to the background story upon which the franchise is built:

That's the idea of mythology. I felt like when I came on the franchise it was successful, but it kind of lacked exploration into these relationships. I think some of these characters are kind of loosely connected, especially for me. The female characters have so much potential and I never really saw that. I remember talking to the studio and saying, "If we have the opportunity to build, that's the direction we should go." In fact, one of the turning points was talking to Vin about coming back. I know how close he was with Dom Toretto and I heard rumors from people of, "There’s no way he would do it." I heard all of these things, but I felt it was important, because he's the patriarch of this franchise and if I could get him to come back and do it, they'd know we were going in the right direction.

When he signed on, I was like, "Okay, great," and then we were able to earn another. I think with these sequels, they're not just a given. These people earn another chance to do something and the fact that we were able to build this whole mythology and really acknowledge the growth of characters, it naturally evolved into other genres. If you watch the film, it doesn't say "Fast And Furious Six," it was always designed to be "Fast Five" and "Furious Six" as kind of the "A and B," so Six was always designed to be the one that ties all up all of the questions that fans have.

OK. That still doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but as long as fans are happy, I'll just go with it.

Fast & Furious 6 hits theaters on May 24th.


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