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The joy of watching Spider-Man fly around with the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War was like asking out the cutest person in the world and they said "yes." Fans never thought we'd see it happen, but now we're getting Spider-Man: Homecoming in July.

The first trailer gave us a look at what to expect from Marvel's solo take on the web-slinger, from the high school aesthetic to Michael Keaton's terrifying Vulture — plus, the promise of Peter juggling his superhero duties and his date to the dance.

We all know that Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to make a zillion dollars and get a sequel, so let's talk about what the movie needs to do to perfectly set up Peter Parker's inevitable next chapter in the MCU.

1. Oscorp

Yes, we've already seen it in the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield films, but what are the chances that Vulture has no ties to Oscorp? It's in the Spider-Man storytelling DNA!

In my opinion, Norman Osborn shouldn't be in Homecoming — the Green Goblin is worth saving for the final installment of a trilogy — but the presence of his company should surely be felt. If Marvel decides to go the Ultimate route, then the Venom symbiote could in fact come from Earth instead of from space, setting up an amazing sequel where Peter must face Venom and/or Carnage. Speaking of which...

2. The Villains Forming An Alliance

Compared to the other Avengers, Peter has not been fighting crime all that long — but it doesn't take long to make enemies, especially with how Peter pokes fun at the bad guys. (His jokes upset villains more than a few simple hits in the head ever could.)

Homecoming should address how many baddies Peter's already taken on by the time he meets Vulture. This could indicate repercussions in his future, since it's only a matter of time until the formation of the Sinister Six or the Inheritors come for him all at once.

3. Spider-Woman (Or At Least, A Spider Woman!)

With Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel, it's clear that the MCU is done only focusing on male heroes. Good thing that Marvel has amazing women with spider-powers, such as Jessica Drew, Spider-Gwen and Silk.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will most likely deal solely with Spidey, and that's how it should be. Nonetheless, the Spider-family is a part of Peter's life in the comics — so the movie should drop a few hints that there are more Spider-people running around the MCU besides Peter Parker, setting up sequels and spin-offs for the future.

4. Aunt May Getting Suspicious

It could be a monumental moment in Homecoming if Peter decides to tell Aunt May his secret. Yet, being the first movie in the trilogy, this could rob the scene of depth, given that we haven't spent enough time with these characters to make the revelation truly impactful.

But Aunt May is probably wondering what exactly Peter is doing most nights, so we should see her thought process unfolding, which could set up one of the most emotional scenes ever in a future Marvel movie.

5. Mary Jane?

Most people would identify Mary Jane Watson as Peter's true love, but Marvel has been coy about which character Zendaya is playing. Some people are clamoring that Zendaya could be a superhero, and honestly, that'd be awesome! She said, "My character is not romantic," so we'll see what characters Marvel will introduce in the first movie before we start any speculations — but one way or another, we want to see MJ.

6. Peter's Status With The Avengers (Besides Tony Stark)

Spider-Man showing up to help the Avengers in Infinity War is guaranteed, and we obviously know that Tony Stark is a big part of Homecoming. So is defeating the Vulture a trial run to see if Peter has what it takes to make it onto the team? What's his relationship with Captain America after he took Stark's side in Civil War? Is Falcon willing to forgive that dropkick? By the end of the movie, we'll need to see who he's all good with!

What do you want to see happen in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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