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Superman's a good guy struggling with the ugly big-city world of fast-paced national journalism and politics, when all he really wants is to fit in. So why, in Man of Steel, does he conquer his evil counterpart with a ruthlessly quick snap of the neck? In Zack Snyder's 2013 adaptation, General Zod pointed his heat vision at an innocent family, and Supes quickly jumped in to stop him. Usually this wouldn't be problematic. But what has traditionally made Superman heroic, is that he doesn't kill. So why did this happen?

Answer: I don't know. Perhaps it was, in part, because Snyder monumentally stuffed up this storyline. I'm not sure. Either way, sorry Zod, you lose.

However, it turns out that the scene might have been even more destructive than most comic book movie fans initially thought. The Illumi-Nerdi (or the "home of nerds and geeks") is saying that they've noticed a little tidbit of very interesting information from the fateful scene; that Superman might actually have killed the same family he was trying to save.

Take a look at this vid and look reeeally closely:


When Supes goes in for the neck snap, he actually turns Zod's head in the direction that the family is standing... Amiright?! It's only after Superman looks up towards the family once were that he lets out that earth-shattering howl. What if Supes was actually screaming at the realization of his own actions - that he'd turned a happy family outing into a steaming globule of rendered fat and bone.

What do you guys think? Is Zack Snyder's Man of Steel actually responsible for the deaths we blamed on Zod? Or have the conspiracy theorists gone one step to far, this time? Sound off below, Moviepilots!




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