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Tino Jochimsen

Before I dwell too much on terrible Justin Bieber puns, I better give you the facts hard, fast and smothered in lots of Bieber juice: the concert documentary all Beliebers have been waiting for is finally nigh.

Justin Bieber's Believe will be upon us December 25, 2013.

Yes, that is in about three months! So go B**b yourself Santa!

But will it do the justice to the little man's stage prowess, you might ask?

Well, fret not fans. The concert movie is directed by one . The filmmaker sure knows how to create explosive excitement on screen, having directed several Fast & the Furious movies.

He'll showcase the ferocious creature of hair and hormones in all his stage-humping glory. I for one declare myself a firm belieber in Justin Bieber's Believe - belieb it or not!


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