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Running over a colossal nine Seasons between 2001 and 2010, hospital comedy sitcom Scrubs became as synonymous with the noughties as brick sized iPods, Britney's giant yellow snake and Blink 182.

Practically launching Zach Braff's career as lovable protagonist J.D., the show followed the lives of a group of doctors, nurses, medical interns and one very grumpy janitor as they dealt with the highs and the lows of working at the Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital.

Now fifteen years since the first episode aired, the cast and the world look very different. iPods are smaller, Britney traded in her snake for a show in Vegas and Blink 182 are apparently still going, but inspiring infinitely less hoodie-wearing devotees. With such a colossal amount of change taking place over the past decade and a half, it's high time we caught up with the cast of our most beloved medical dramady to discover what they've been up to since Scrubs flatlined back in 2010.

To get you in the mood, here's the terminally nostalgic opening credits:

Zach Braff - John Michael 'J.D.' Dorian

Scrubs Character: J.D., the endearing puppy-eyed protagonist and narrator of the show from seasons one through nine, started out as a lowly intern but went on to leave Sacred Heart and become a residency director at St Vincent before returning as a teacher at Winston Uni in the final season and ultimately marrying fellow medical colleague, Elliot.

What Zach Braff Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • In 2014 he appeared in a musical adaptation of Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway in London's West End.
Bullets Over Broadway
Bullets Over Broadway
  • More recently he's been working closely with James Franco, staring in his upcoming film In Dubious Battle based on the John Steinbeck novel of the same name. He also features in Franco's 2017 movie The Masterpiece, based on Greg Sestero's non-fiction book The Disaster Artist which focuses on the friendship between Sistero and cult film director of The Room, Tommy Wiseau.

  • Zach is also working on his own movie, a remake of the 1979 heist comedy Going In Style premiering in April next year. Braff is set to direct the feature which stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Matt Dillon and Ann-Margaret.
Going In Style
Going In Style
  • If all of the above wasn't enough, Zach has also recently been slated to direct Bump, a film which made the 2015 Black List, the annual roundup of Hollywood's best unproduced scripts, which in the past has included the likes of Juno, Slumdog Millionaire and The Kings Speech - so expect good things!

  • Even though his schedule is ridiculously busy, Zach still finds time to hang out with Scrubs BFF, Donald Faison, spending his last birthday on holiday with him in Cabo San Lucas proving that their precious bromance will last until the end of time.

Sarah Chalke - Elliot Reid

Scrubs Character: Elliot Reid, the neurotic but well-meaning intern turned private practice physician is driven throughout all nine seasons by a strong desire to prove herself worthy to her family, friends and colleagues. Ultimately marrying and mothering a child with J.D., by the end of the show we watch Elliot somewhat overcome some of her low self-esteem issues.

What Sarah Chalke Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • In April of this year, Sarah starred in the critically panned Mothers Day alongside Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts. The film achieved an impressive seven percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here, watch the trailer so you never have to watch the full length movie:

  • Since 2013, Sarah has voiced the character of Beth on Rick and Morty and also maintaining a vague medical link: Beth is Rick's daughter and also a cardiac surgeon for horses.
Rick And Morty
Rick And Morty
  • In July, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl with her fiancé, they named her Frankie (Frances). The couple already have a six year old son called Charlie who was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease in 2011, but fortunately recovered.

Donald Faison - Christopher 'Turk'

Scrubs Character: J.D.'s best friend and ex-roomate who also made a huge jump from being an intern to being chief of surgery, Turk ended up with head nurse Carla and having two children with her before becoming a teacher at Winston University.

What Donald Faison Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • Donald went on to host both the TBS comedy sketch show Who Gets the Last Laugh and the GSN show Winsanity.

  • Donald has six children, Sean born in 1997, twins Dada and Kaya born in 1999, Kobe born in 2001 and more recently Rocco born in 2013 and Wilder Frances born in 2015, who he thinks looks strikingly similar to his young baby-self:

  • This year Donald has a role in the upcoming movie Youth Group directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw which follows an American youth pastor who becomes jaded after exposing himself to the corrupt marketing practices of the mega church that he is a member of. He eventually goes on a soul searching mission to find his passion once again.

Neil Flynn - Janitor

Scrubs Character: Firmly asserting himself as J.D.'s antagonist in the pilot, 'Janitor,' the much-beloved character manages to go through an entire eight seasons before revealing his name is Glenn Matthews in the Season eight finale.

What Neil Flynn Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • Neil went on to play Mike Heck, the Heck family patriarch, in the ABC show The Middle which is now in its eighth season after premiering in 2009.
The Middle
The Middle
  • Like Sarah, Neil has also got heavily involved in voice acting, featuring in Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, as the fashion policeman in Kim Possible and as the voice of Chuck the foster father of the title character in DC's web series Vixen.

Ken Jenkins - Bob Kelso

Scrubs Character: Chief of medicine, the cantankerous, mean-spirited, selfish Bob Kelso was an ever-present overbearing shadow of pain to the young medical interns. However, beneath his hard facade lay a well-meaning, warm soul which came out more as the series progressed.

What Ken Jenkins Has Been Up to Since Scrubs Ended:

  • Ken went on to secure a recurring role in Cougar Town which was also created by Scrubs inventor, Bill Lawrence. Ken starred as the father of the protagonist, Jules, played by Courtney Cox.
Cougar Town
Cougar Town
  • Ken also starred in HBO's 2016 biographical drama which was based on the events surrounding the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. Ken played representative Howard W. Smith in the TV movie.
All The Way
All The Way

John C. McGinley - Perry Cox

Scrubs Character: The wonderfully sarcastic lone-wolf Perry Cox relished in terrorizing the interns and as the attending physician who later became the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart, he was able to get away with it.

What John C. McGinley Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • In 2013, John starred in a Broadway revival of Glengarry Glen Ross as Dave Moss alongside Hollywood legend, Al Pacino.
  • 2016 has been a particularly busy year for John. Alongside starring in upcoming sports drama Rounding Third directed by Robert Deaton and George Flanigen, he also has roles in The Belko Experiment an American horror thriller and The Good Catholic an upcoming romantic comedy.
The Good Catholic
The Good Catholic
  • He's also been relishing his leading role as disgruntled former sherif, Stanley Miller, in comedy horror Stan Against Evil on IFC.

Judy Reyes - Carla Espinosa

Scrubs Character: Carla is the stubborn, domineering head nurse with a surprisingly maternal side. She starts dating Turk in Season one, refers to J.D. as 'Bambi' and takes at least five or so Seasons before she begins to like Elliot.

What Judy Reyes Has Been Up To Since Scrubs Ended:

  • After Scrubs, Judy took on the role of Zoila Diaz in the comedy drama Devious Maids which aired on Lifetime between 2013 and 2016.

  • With her partner George Valencia, former Devious Maids cast member Roselyn Sanchez and her husband Eric Winter, Judy helped create an inspirational cartoon called La Golda which was made with the intention of empowering young females.

  • Judy also spends a lot of time with partner George and their daughter Leila Rey Valencia. Sometimes they even wear red clown noses for some classic Insta-fun!


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