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I think I speak for everyone who have seen Chronicle and it was a very good movie. The fact that trailers and teasers weren't shown until the week of release was very sad, not having good build up to the film may have lost viewers but it certainly was one of my favourites of the year.


Chronicle follows three Seattle high-school seniors, bullied Andrew (), his cousin Matt () and more popular Steve () form a bond after gaining telekinetic abilities from an unknown object. They first use their abilities for mischief and personal gain, until Andrew turns to darker purposes. The film was a found footage movie like Project X and Apollo 18.

A sequel is said to be in the works but , the man who won't the screenplay for the first film won't be returning for the second. Other then that, there has been no other information about the sequel. There are rumours that the second film will not be a found footage movie. That's what ticked me off, the found footage theme is very unique and it definitely made this movie even more better and interesting, it made you feel like you had super powers too and who wouldn't love that? I suggest for the sequel that they don't change it at all. As for what should actually happen in the second movie has been in my mind since the release of the first film.

I will try my best not to spoil anything but at the very end of the movie Matt says to the camera that he is going to start helping people. Perfect! You have the world's first super hero story beginning before our eyes. Fox can easily make this into a highly successful trilogy. Matt begins to save people only to be confronted by others with powers as well. The weird orb that gave the three there powers existed before they found it, there could be others? Others with different or similar powers that have been in hiding ever since.

The movie is called Chronicle right? Not saying they can try making a whole Justice League or Marvel Universe thing but they can make sequels, prequels and spin off movies in the near future easily. Especially for a movie that made $126,636,097 on the box office Fox may have a good theme of movies developing, and if these movies stayed like the original with the same found footage theme, it would just be great for Chronicle fans around the world!

Let's get this topic going, what do you guys think?


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