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Let's all admit that we've been waiting for another round of films from the nighttime vigilante ever since the conclusion to the Nolan trilogy in 2012. Well, with Ben Affleck in the director's chair, we are preparing for a new take on the hero in The Batman.

Now, with the announcement of the film's antagonist out of the way, we can focus on when we should expect production to begin on the project. Today, actor may have the answer, because he told ET the following after being asked how he was doing:

“Great, man, just getting ready to go shoot 'Batman' in the spring.”

If this is true, we can expect even more set photos/videos released by the director and man under the cowl, . He was kind enough to release a video introduction of his project's villain right before the actor's role was announced, so what's stopping him from treating the fans again? The tactic actually built anticipation, which isn't exactly needed right now being that the film is two years away. Though Affleck made this huge announcement early on before production, it was certainly a smart move. Now, we can begin to further speculate about who else will be in the movie.

Nightwing And Red Robin

We can start to expect a few more characters to make their way into the project. Let's hope we will get the chance to see Nightwing added to the team alongside Robin, if possible. It could even be Tim Drake in place of the already "dead" Jason Todd. From there, we could sit and wish to see the suits they will be wearing and if either will be an adaptation of those in the comics. Many love the New 52 Nightwing and Robin suits, but if Affleck wanted, he could have both characters in throwback costumes to give nods to the creators. It's just up in the air from here.

Part Of The Bat-Family?

If the aforementioned characters, Nightwing and Red Robin, are in . That would mean we'd have three-fifth's of the . If Barbara Gordon and Todd are in the DCEU, they wouldn't be in this movie. If they are, then Dick Grayson and Tim Drake will most likely not, avoiding introducing too many characters at once. It seems like it wouldn't be an easy fit to have this many members, unless they give us cameos like and did in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

All of this may not happen, but with such a long wait, there's nothing left to do but to speculate. Though we were given a Deathstroke for the and still want a or , we will have to wait and see what news comes next year. Should we expect news in March, April, or May of 2018? Let's just pray we do get something.

What do you expect from next year's The Batman?


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