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Django has been unchained for a few weeks now, and since then we've been able to get a handle on 's cowboy epic. In particular, avid movie fans have been able to compare the final version we saw in theaters with the mammoth 166-page script that was leaked last summer. From a pretty cursory overview we can see some pretty interesting scenes which didn't make it into the final cut, while several characters were also removed or amalgamated into different ones.

Well, now the film's hit theaters several actors have broken cover to give explanations for some of this deleted material. So, just be warned the rest of this article contains some very mild spoilers for Django Unchained.

In particular, was originally slated to appear as Scotty, a young naive guy who was originally given Django's wife, Broomhilda, as a companion by his father. However, some unfortunate happenings at Calvin Candie's gambling den leaves Scotty dead and Broomhilda under the control of Candie. Cohen explained his absence to Deadline:

"I was editing The Dictator and we were very close to release and Paramount wouldn't push the date. And then I knew I'd have to jump straight from there into Les Mis[erables] and it basically became a choice of either pulling out of Les Mis or pulling out of Django. I'm sure Django is an incredible movie, but it was essentially one scene."

In an interview with The Playlist, , who plays slave fight trainer Billy Crash, also spoke of some of his deleted scenes. None of them are likely to be found in the original script as Crash is actually the combination of two characters, Billy Crash and Ace Woody. Originally, , then , were down to play the Ace Woody role, although both passed on it (but why?! I hear you cry). Goggins explained one such scene:

"There was a big scene between Leonardo and I that really cemented their relationship and you really saw how the inner workings of the plantation were conducted. And we had long conversations between Billy Crash and Sam Jackson’s character and how they both had a vested interest in keeping the status quo because it was the only way they would retain their power."

However, perhaps the most awesome news involved only a minor character, the bandanna-wearing tracker played by . The character was not in the original script, and she remained completely mute in the film. It turns out that may have been for a good reason. Costumer designer Sharon Davis explained to Vanity Fair the circumstances of her silence. They reported:

"That leaves some unexplained characters, like that of the beautiful lady outlaw whose face is half-covered throughout the film. (The idea there, says Davis, is that the character would drop the bandana to reveal an absent jaw.)"

Now that certainly would have been pretty crazy, right? Even by Tarantino standards. It's unclear if the reveal was actually filmed, but it'll certainly be scouring the DVD extras once they're released.

If you've got a lot of time to spare then why not head over to The Weinstein Company and read the original script yourself. Otherwise go out and enjoy Django Unchained, starring , and , now!


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