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The Big Bang Theory has been onscreen for almost a decade now and hasn't failed to please the huge audience it currently has. The show has now officially been renewed for an 11th season, beating America's other well known sitcom, . However, after Season 11, the show could potentially be cancelled due to Jim Parsons.

Audiences were left hanging when Warner Bros. and CBS refused to comment whether or not would make a comeback following the ongoing tenth season. But, news has reached the internet that Season 11 has an air date and previously had a slight hint at the season arc before the information was removed.

Season 11 of the show is currently expected to air mid September 2017, immediately after Season 10. Rumors suggest that Season 11 will broadcast in America promptly on CBS on September 1st, 2017 with all the main seven characters making a huge comeback. Before Season 11 was confirmed, the show FIRST faced cancellation due to salary arguments between Jim Parson, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki against the show producers. The three main stars demanded a pay rise, which was then declined by the showrunners. Parsons, Cuoco and Galecki are already on a $1,000,000 per episode salary, but have come to agreements that it isn't enough.

Will The Big Bang Theory Get Cancelled Any Time Soon? It's Been Discussed TWICE Recently!

Latest Cancellation Debate 1:

Why: Kaley Cuoco Refusing To Renew Her Contract

Outcome: First speculations of The Big Bang Theory getting cancelled rocked the internet when it was rumored that Kaley Cuoco would not be renewing her contract for Season 11. Why? Kaley apparently revealed that she would be departing from the sitcom purely because she wanted a break from acting to focus on becoming pregnant and starting a family. Now, Kaley has signed a contract for Season 11 and is ready to take on another season alongside onscreen husband Johnny Galecki, who has also signed a brand new contract.

Latest Cancellation Debate 2:

Why: Jim Parsons Could Be Departing From The Show.

Outcome: According to Jobs & Hire, Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, is preparing to leave The Big Bang Theory so he can focus on his other character in the show called The Monarch is Going to Shit on Freeform. There's currently no confirmation from Jim Parsons himself or The Big Bang Theory showrunners that Parson will permanently be detached from the show or if it will be semi-permanent. On the other hand, if Parson were to leave, fans would deeply miss him and his hilarious presence.

What Will Happen In Season 11?

Now that fans can get excited for Season 11, they will likely be asking: What is the min story arc for the season? Well, according to The Big Bang Theory Wiki page, no information is now displayed after unknown information was reportedly leaked. However, this gives fans the ability to speculate on what they hope to see in Season 11 — for example:

  • Amy's parents to meet Sheldon and his friends.
  • Howard and Bernadette to begin their family journey with their newborn baby.
  • Leonard and Penny to permanently live together (just like Amy and Sheldon).
  • Amy and Sheldon to get married.
  • Stuart to find a partner or another major storyline.
  • Leonard and Penny become the godparents of Howard and Bernadette's baby.
  • Penny's maiden name revealed.
  • Priya makes a comeback.
  • Howard's father shows up out of the blue.

These are just a few examples of what could keep that spark in the show. What theories do you have? For now, indulge yourself with the latest and exciting episodes of the tenth Season of The Big Bang Theory before hyping for Season 11!


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