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We live in an astonishing world. One where almost anything can happen; where dreams can be made into realities. You can grow up and be almost anything you want to be. If you're , you can make all your dreams come true. On top of that, also try to save the planet as a one-man team of environmental awesomeness. The latter, of course, not being the most attainable, but he gets points for trying.

In lieu of Leo actually saving the world, he is going to stick to what he does best. That's right folks, the wheel has been set in motion and all the pieces are falling into place. The Captain Planet movie looks like it's on the way and it will be produced by the real-life Captain Planet: Leonardo DiCaprio. For those of you who don't know what or who is, enjoy the little crash-course below!

What Is Captain Planet?

The synopsis is as follows:

Gaia, the spirit of the planet, is awakened from a long sleep by Hoggish Greedly, who happens to be drilling above her resting chamber. Realizing that the damage is extensive, Gaia sends five magic rings, four with the power to control an element of nature and one controlling the element of Heart, to five chosen youths across the globe: Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from the Soviet Union (changed to Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union's dissolution), Gi from Asia, and Ma-Ti from Brazil.

Captian Planet
Captian Planet

In a nut-shell: There are five teens who act on behalf of Gaia (the spirit of Earth) to seek out and defend against villains who mean to do the planet harm. They do so with the magic stored in their rings gifted to them by Gaia, four of which are elemental based: earth, wind, water, and fire. The fifth ring represents heart, which is the essence that links them all. As you can see below on the official Captain Planet Foundation's Planeteer Clubs patch, Kwame has the power of earth, Wheeler wields red-hot fire, Linka controls wind, Gi manipulates water, and Ma-Ti represents heart.

Paneteers Club Patch
Paneteers Club Patch

Our five heroes are not alone! As it states in the theme song, "By your powers combined I am Captain Planet!" meaning when they want to they can come together and summon the ultra-powerful Captain Planet. He is nearly invulnerable and Superman-esque in power levels, although his one weakness is physical contact with pollution.

The show ran from 1990 to 1996 and aired a total of 113 episodes. It was a big hit and garnered praise from parents for teaching valuable life lessons even beyond the usual environmental awareness. It was one of the first cartoons to tackle topics such as drug use and in one instance speaking on HIV/AIDS awareness. It's campy nature is extremely outdated, but the nostalgia factor with this property is huge with those who grew up in the '90s and will forever live on in their hearts. We now move on to Leo and his merry band of men and women who are going to work on the upcoming Captain Planet film.

Leonardo DiCaprio And His Planeteers

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions are in talks to purchase the rights to the 1990's children's television program Captain Planet. If they obtain the rights, DiCaprio will produce with Jennifer Davisson Killoran and inch forward towards Leo's dream of ridding the world of pollution once-and-for-all. They are reported to be looking at Glen Powell (Scream Queens, Everybody Wants Some) and Jono Matt to pen the script. For those of you that don't know the other people attached to this project, let's take a better look at this fresh team they have put together.

Jennifer Davisson Killoran

Jennifer Davisson Killoran/Red Riding Hood/
Jennifer Davisson Killoran/Red Riding Hood/

Jennifer Davisson Killoran is not a household name by any means, but that doesn't mean much since most people don't talk about a list of their top five producers of all time. She's been very busy and has worked with DiCaprio before as an executive producer on the movie that finally won Leo an Oscar (and ended the long-running internet memes) — The Revenant. Also to her credit, she has worked on the Ryan Gosling vehicle, The Ides of March, and also was an executive producer on Ben Affleck's highly anticipated film Live By Night.

Glen Powell

Gleen Powell/Scream Queens/Fox
Gleen Powell/Scream Queens/Fox

Glen Powell is most recognizable from his hilarious role on Fox's Scream Queens. He also was a shining light in Richard Linklater's most recent film, Everybody Wants Some. Although he is a handsome man with amazing comedic chops, he is not known for his writing ability. He has only one writing credit for his work on a short called J.A.W., which was directed by Birth of a Nation director Nate Parker.

Jono Matt

Jono Matt/Facebook
Jono Matt/Facebook

This is Jono Matt's first big foray into the world of writing. He has a few writing credits, but most of his marks come from being an assistant on television programs such as Glee and Sons of Anarchy. We have yet to know where his true skills lie, but as everyone has to start somewhere, what better place to begin your writing career than writing a script for the remake of Captain Planet?

It makes all the sense in the world to let two new writers get their beaks wet on a movie like this. Sure, it has its fan base, but it was an extremely silly '90s cartoon. It's the perfect place for these writers to see what they can do. It's just like learning to drive: You don't let the kids learn in a Ferrari, you let them learn in a 1991 Toyota Camry. Captain Planet in this example is a shitty four-door sedan.

As an added bonus check out Don Cheadle's Funny Or Die Captain Planet video:

As far as Leo's Captain Planet film goes, the deal hasn't even been made yet, so we don't know what kind of feel or flavor they are going for. With Leo attached (given his environmental activist passion) it could very well be a film that beats you over the head with rhetoric. That's all purely speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt, as we don't even know what his active role will be if the project moves forward. Until then, you can always binge on Captain Planet reruns.

As always be sure to sound off! Are you excited for this Captain Planet movie? Did you like the animated show? Let it be known in the comments below!!

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