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The first trailer for the upcoming reboot of the iconic '90s TV show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is surely due any day now. With that in mind, it's worth considering the things we need to see in order to satisfy the needs of desperate fans.

4. Angel Grove

The location of Angel Grove was integral to the story of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as the Rangers themselves. From The Youth Center juice bar to Angel Grove High School, the locations provided the perfect venue for the characters to show their humanity. Much like Gotham, Metropolis or New York City, Angel Grove is the environment used to give the story the sense of locality. The difference being that Angel Grove is not as grand a city as Metropolis, it was always a small, close community that stuck together when times of serious turmoil were apparent. We need to see this spirit in the trailer to give the non-viewer the concept of why these teenagers are doing what they are doing.

3. Villains

Obviously, we already know that Elizabeth Banks will be playing the film's main protagonist in Rita Repulsa. However, what we don't know is who else will feature? If this trailer is going to attract the necessary audience, it will need to show us Putty Patrol, Goldar and at least one other secondary villain. (I'll leave that you to decide who you want to see — my personal favorite was always King Sphinx)

By showing us at least a fraction of the villains it will show that the Rangers will not only have to worry about Rita, but a series of dangerous and testing villains, much in the same vein of the original Television series

2. The Power Chamber

Much like Angel Grove, The Power Chamber was an excellent platform to develop the characters of individual Rangers as well as provide the necessary exposition regarding their abilities. In the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, the chamber was given a flashy update that justified the extra budget while staying true to the original location. However, it always seemed to me that the updated Chamber had not been used before Ivan Ooze decided to demolish the set. This time we need to see an intimate location that has all of its flashy pillars and glowing buttons as well as Zordon's synonymous containment tube.

1. The Zords

This is probably the one element we need to see the most, which is why we should see it the least. The Zord battle will be the main set piece in this reboot, show us the Zords in their individual form, show us the Zords combining to become Megazord, but we don't need to see it for more than a brief glance. In a digital age like the one we live in today each scene will screenshot and picked apart anyway, so why waste time showing the Zords in action for longer than 1 or 2 seconds?

Honorary Mentions

It's Morphin' Time

It wouldn't be a Power Rangers trailer without the team being shown in their suits. However, we do not need to be shown the morphing sequence in the first trailer. We all know the teenagers will become Rangers, so don't blow some of the biggest selling points in the first trailer. Show us the team in their colors in civilian form, show us the team in their Ranger outfits, but please don't show us the morphing sequence.

Finally, as it is not something we get to see, I haven't included the soundtrack in this list. There is however another reason for this. Like the woeful Ghostbusters trailer, the reliance on the original material created confusion among fans as to where the new story sat with regard to the original, this included the famous Ghostbusters song. "Go, Go Power Rangers" is just as iconic. I can't say the new version of this song will be as a good as the original; however if its going to be different, make it different. If it's going to be similar, make it similar, don't try to be smart with it.

Check out what I'm talking about in the video below:

What do you want to see from the eventual Power Rangers trailer? And are you excited for the upcoming release of the reboot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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