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Supergirl has already started with the second half of Season 2, and so far, I am absolutely loving it. During the winter break I decided to watch all eight episodes again. While I am happy with the direction they have taken, I felt some things were missing, like a decent main villain that helps with the sometimes cluttered storylines. We have seen Cat Grant and Clark Kent, but there are more important characters who work at the Daily Planet who could potentially take a flight to National City and show up. I am still in awe of that mega-crossover and want more! Don't you?

4. Bring In Lois Lane

Who would be the best choice to play Lois Lane? [Credit: DC Comics]
Who would be the best choice to play Lois Lane? [Credit: DC Comics]

After bringing in Lucy Lane and , the show really needs to find their Lois Lane. Imagine the following scenes: Lois Lane and Snapper Carr and Lois Lane and Cat Grant. Now that would arguably be the best scenes of those episodes if that actually comes true. Perhaps of the entire series.

During the first part of Supergirl Season 2, Superman made the promise that he will look into Cadmus Labs. We all know that Clark is an investigative reporter, but so is Lois Lane, and it could be just that investigation into Cadmus that could lead Lois to National City. She could have a pivotal role into dismantling the clandestine organization. On top of that, Lois could help Kara hone her investigative reporting skills. As they say, learn from the best.

However, if you are going to get Lois Lane on the show then the following question comes to mind: Who should play Lois Lane? I have nailed it down to three possible options:

Mekenna Melvin: She is mostly known for the TV show Chuck where she played John Casey's daughter. She has the charisma to be a tough-as-nails reporter.

Riley Voelkel: She is currently on a TV show called The Originals. She previously played on The Newsroom as the college student who asked Will McAvoy the infamous of whether or not America is the greatest country in the world.

Rachel Nichols: She played Kiera Cameron recently on Continuum but I saw her on Alias many many moons ago. She's a great TV actress with quite a range.

Who would be your pick to play Lois Lane on Supergirl? Let me know in the comments!

3. More Crossovers

We need more 'Flash' / 'Arrow' / 'Supergirl' crossovers 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
We need more 'Flash' / 'Arrow' / 'Supergirl' crossovers 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

We all saw Grant Gustin sing in an episode of The Flash and we wanted more, which is why we have another / crossover episode to look forward to. I recently watched some videos of Melissa Benoist singing with her now ex-husband Blake Jenner and the girl can sing! Of course, Melissa has starred on the popular musical show and to complete the Glee reunion, the producers have cast Darren Criss as the Music Meister. Put two and two together and you've got yourself a great episode.

What I would like to see is for Supergirl team up with . The mega DC on TV crossover showed us the great chemistry between Supergirl and the other characters in the , so why not expand on that?

Here is another idea: Take Supergirl on The Waverider to the future and set up a meeting with The Legion of Superheroes. Or, we can take and have him team up with Supergirl. There is a lot of source material out there to make for a very interesting story for a team-up between the two. The writers could use storylines of the John Byrne era or draw heavily from that.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have any crossover ideas that you would like to see become reality. I would be very interested in finding out what other fans think.

2. Better Villains

Villains need to be fleshed out more. 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Villains need to be fleshed out more. 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Cadmus was a good start, and Lillian Luthor was devious and cunning. Nonetheless, as a main villain, she fell short because her character wasn't fleshed out enough. What drives her, other than feeling that son, Lex Luthor, was wrongfully imprisoned by an alien called Superman? The worrisome part for me is that that is the only motivation I can find for Lillian, and that makes her very one dimensional.

Of course, Lillian Luthor could have just been a plot device to act like a setup for Cyborg Superman, but he seems like a different kind of villain to me so far. Cyborg Superman seems to thrive on hatred for Superman, J'onn Jonnz and the years he lost having to stand in the shadows while J'onn impersonated him and turned the DEO into everything Cyborg Superman was against.

So far Roulette has impressed me the most. Her motivation is just money and not a hatred for aliens. The way she goes about is devious — kidnapping and interstellar alien trafficking. On top of that, she has got friends in high places, meaning that there are enough potential villains lurking in the shadows, both on Earth and in space.

What I am really asking is for a villain that leads all of the characters I have mentioned above, much like Lex Luthor did under the influence of Brianiac in Justice League Unlimited or Gorilla Grod and his Legion of Doom. Right now, without a leader, it all seems a bit cluttered and disconnected.

1. Mon-El / Kara Romance

Would you like to see a Supergirl / Mon-El romance? 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Would you like to see a Supergirl / Mon-El romance? 'Supergirl' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Last season the writers tried and failed to set up a romance between Jimmy Olsen and Kara. The lack of chemistry between the actors, as well as far-stretched storylines involving Lucy Lane, made Kara break up with James at the start of Season 2.

I am of the opinion that we don't necessarily need a romance on the show. A romance could turn away viewers instead when done wrong. I look at the romance between Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen on and while that worked at the start, the show lost a lot of viewers and received much negative feedback on social media when the romance was put at the center of the show rather than keeping it where it was succesful: As a B-plot.

Over the course of the season Mon-El and Kara have slowly but surely grown more fond of each other. Mon-El kissed Kara and she didn't pull away, which shows that the two of them have feelings for another. Not only do the actors have great chemistry on screen, their characters also share a common background: They are both from space, they are both the survivors of a planet they no longer have access to, and they share common values, despite the major differences between Kryptonians and Daxamites.

What could ruin all this? The aliens that are currently chasing Mon-El. Why would anyone chase an entire galaxy for just one guy? Also, a dominator (is there any universe these guys don't live in?) helped Mon-El escape Slaver's Moon and even bowed to him, which, in turn, fueled the popular fan theory that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam. The aliens could therefore be chasing him to either eliminate him or serve him.

What are your hopes and expectations for Season 2b of Supergirl? Would you like to see a Kara / Mon-El romance? What other characters from the DC Universe would you like to see appear on the show? Let us know in the comments, I am always interested in reading other fans' points of view.


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