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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 left us with many cliffhangers, most notably, Katherine taking some of that pesky vampire cure from Elena! Yes, in Season 5, Nina Dobrev's Katherine is now a human!

So, how will the former vamp cope with being back to human form (oh, how awful!) in Season 5? Well, we haven't heard what she'll be getting upto quite yet but we've got our first look at the character, as show director tweeted a photo of her:

Here's what he tweeted with it:

Butler tweeted the following photo with the caption: “Katherine Pierce, brought to life by @NinaDobrev, in all her tragic . 5x02.”

I'm intrigued in seeing how Katherine adapts now. Will we see the sweet human girl from before? Or is she going to remain the savviest psychotic bitch in town? One thing is sure: Katherine's gonna have to change her ways if she wants to survive as the new human girl in town! According to TVGuide too, she'll need some help from 'unlikely sources'. How the tables turn!

It's October 3rd that the new season debuts, although we don't have any information if she'll appear in that episode. But if we miss her, no worries - Elena's alter-ego will DEFINITELY be in episode 2.



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