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In more news, Joe Manganiello recently opened up about his role as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck's standalone film. The film hasn't been given a slated spot in the DCEU upcoming lineup, but the film's announcement is inevitable. Ben Affleck has also hinted at the title for his standalone Batman film being titled . Affleck hasn't elaborated on the plot of the film, nor has Warner Brothers Studios commented so far. The only aspect of The Batman confirmed so far is of Joe Manganiello portraying the villainous Deathstroke.

Joe Manganiello Speaks On His Role As Deathstroke In The Batman

More importantly, Manganiello's recent comments on his part in The Batman have given us something to ponder over. While speaking on Mark Madden's Pittsburgh sports podcast, Manganiello elaborated a bit on his part as Deathstroke in The Batman.

"When I met Ben we sat down and we talked about, you know, the role (of Deathstroke). We talked about the movie.

Manganiello's comments don't provide any more details into the iteration of Deathstroke he'll portray in The Batman, so we can only make assumptions on how Manganiello will bring Deathstroke to life based on Comics's iteration of said character.

For more insight into Manganiello's part as Deathstroke, let's take a look at what Manganiello had to say regarding The Batman film:

"His (Ben Affleck's) take is a fresh take but I think the audience is going to be surprised. Because it’s a road that no one’s really gone down that’s completely integral to who Batman is. And I think it’s gonna be refreshing but at the same time completely familiar."

Accounting for Manganiello's comments, we now know that Ben Affleck's take on The Batman will be an original approach to Batman films, which could have a variety of meanings behind it. Considering that Affleck's The Batman is unlike any past approach to the character, it probably means that the supporting characters in The Batman will have unique origins as well, distant from what's seen in the comics. That's not to say elements from the comics won't be utilized, but keeping Ben Affleck's approach to directing The Batman in mind, his approach to characters like Deathstroke might be quite different than one might anticipate.

Questions We Need Answered

Regardless, we still don't know very much about Deathstroke, which draws up several questions we need answered before The Batman premieres. We're still a long ways away from the premiere of Ben Affleck's standalone Batman film, but when the slightest detail towards Manganiello's part as Deathstroke is revealed, the floodgates for speculation will be opened. Before that, here are several questions we can try to answer before we're all plagued with ridiculous theories.

1. Who Is The Man Behind The Deathstroke Mask?

In DC Comics, Slade Wilson was originally a soldier for the army who wound up mixed up with some unsavory characters. After Slade Wilson allowed scientists to experiment on him, he fell into a coma and awoke a different person. Once awake, Slade found a new purpose in life as an assassin for hire. With extrasensory abilities at his fingertips, Slade Wilson became an unstoppable assassin.

Manganiello will probably be portraying the Slade Wilson version of Deathstroke in The Batman, but that doesn't discount the possibility of Manganiello portraying a different character who uses the same alias of Deathstroke. It's quite possible that an original take on Deathstroke might see Manganiello portraying someone other than Slade Wilson, but who utilizes the alias of Deathstroke.

2. Is Deathstroke Actually The Villain Of The Batman?

Considering that the details surrounding Manganiello's role as Deathstroke have been kept quiet, fans have been quick to assume that Deathstroke will be the villain of The Batman, but no one has asked if Deathstroke might be an antihero ally whom Batman calls on for assistance.

The concept of Deathstroke and Batman making an alliance seems unlikely, but considering how there might be a larger threat present, the two may be forced to team up.

3. What Does Deathstroke Want With Batman?

Without knowing what Deathstroke's motivations are, anything is possible. It's probable that Deathstroke will arrive in Gotham as the new villain attempting to take control of the streets. Of course, Batman will show up to thwart Deathstroke and their confrontation will likely depict the two competing for control over Gotham city. However, the events of The Batman might not all take place within Gotham City.

There's potential for the story to extend out to other cities as well. With that in mind, Deathstroke might be on the hunt for Batman. Or, it could very well be the other way around. Anything is possible at the moment, but one thing is clear: The Batman and Deathstroke definitely have something to hash out in The Batman.

4. Could One Of Batman's Old Proteges Be Deathstroke?

The identity of Deathstroke is one mystery of great intrigue. Reasonably speaking, Manganiello will likely be playing the Slade Wilson version of Deathstroke. However, a former protege of Batman's could have found their way into the Deathstroke mask. Let's say one of Batman's old proteges was left for dead, but wasn't actually dead and returns for some misguided vengeance, it would be plausible to see someone along those lines become Deathstroke in The Batman. In regards to which of Batman's former proteges could be Deathstroke, may have been teased with an easter egg during Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Keeping Ben Affleck's original approach to directing The Batman in mind, he could decide to revamp the Deathstroke character to see Jason Todd become Deathstroke rather than Slade Wilson. Todd's old Robin suit was seen hanging memorialized in the Batcave in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice so a resurrected Jason Todd could use the alias of Deathstroke to exact some revenge on Batman.

As it stands, Jason Todd would probably be really upset with Batman if he were to be resurrected. You may ask why and that's because of Batman's new method of dealing with criminals. When Batman was working with Jason Todd / Robin, he enforced the rule of not killing to a fine point but as soon as a shocking event breaks his reserve, Batman immediately resorts to killing. However, Batman doesn't kill the one person who deserves to die the most, the Joker. Harley Quinn and the Joker were responsible for beating Jason Todd to death but Batman never killed either of them for it. Todd would find Batman's inaction as insulting to his memory and seek to make Batman pay for his inability to exact vengeance on those who deserve it which is why Todd could believably find a reason to become Deathstroke in The Batman.

It may not seem plausible at the moment, but with Jason Todd receiving that nod in Dawn Of Justice, his presence in the DC'EU could be affirmed by becoming Deathstroke. We already know that Ben Affleck's take on a Batman feature will be different from what's been done so far, so what's to say Affleck doesn't intend to meld elements from different comics into his film to create a unique origin for Deathstroke?

How do you think Joe Manganiello and Ben Affleck are going to bring Deathstroke to life on the big screen? Does Manganiello have it what it takes? What do you want to see in Manganiello's performance as Deathstroke? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.



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