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Sophie Atkinson

Director first came to the public's attention with two stunning animated films – 2003's Oscar nominated The Triplets of Belleville and 2010's The Illusionist. Now he's trying his hand at live action, and boy, are we glad he has! Atilla Marcel's first trailer debuted this week, presumably to coincide with its festival run and it's just a little bit beautiful, full of pastel hues, quirky choonz and aunts in matching outfits!

Atilla Marcel centers on a talented musician who leads the life of a child, thanks to his smothering aunts who are insistent that all he should do with his life is win piano competitions. All this changes when a woman in his building, Madame Proust (!) offers Paul a potion that releases childhood memories.

The trailer's in French and there's no subtitles, but it's well worth watching to get a sense of the film's gentle whimsy.


There's definitely a hint of here. What other film directors' work does it remind you of?


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