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More than a couple of decades ago, my younger self stumbled across a rather unique cartoon show. A show where anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists ran across the polluted city of Chicago, fighting against an alien race who were hell-bent on consuming every natural resource of the planet through the use of nefarious plots.

These "Biker Mice" arrived on Earth to protect it from the Plutarkians, the alien race that had laid waste to their home planet, Mars. They arrived just in time to put an halt to Limburger's plans and saved Charlie, a young female mechanic, from the masochist and overly dumb henchman Greasepit.

This show was awesome! It was dubbed at the time, probably in most non-English countries. For me, it was dubbed in Portuguese and the voice actors added some Portuguese references, mainly for name-calling when the heroes and villains clashed against each other, and you know what? It felt really appropriate and funny without crossing any lines by today's standards.

The show never had its three seasons aired in Portugal, and it's extremely complicated to find it online. What surprises me is that there's practically no DVDs (or any other way) to legally obtain these episodes!

If The Show Was So Popular, Why Can't We Find The Whole Show Online?

Throttle, Vinnie & Modo. 'Biker Mice From Mars' [Credit: Genesis Entertainment]
Throttle, Vinnie & Modo. 'Biker Mice From Mars' [Credit: Genesis Entertainment]

There are conversations on the internet saying that the show was canceled, but the show got pretty far with the story and character development. There were, however, a lot of changes in between the writers and directors for each episode.

There were many changes in the production process of , from producers and writers to the production company itself, as Marvel handed over the show to New World Animation for Season 2 and 3. Perhaps that's the reason why we can't get a hold of the show anymore.

Even the rare DVDs on sale possess fatal flaws, like the absence of the epic rock introduction that the show was famous for!

Why Exactly Do We Need To Revisit This Show?

Charlie. 'Biker Mice From Mars' [Credit: Genesis Entertainment]
Charlie. 'Biker Mice From Mars' [Credit: Genesis Entertainment]

Is it the show's humor that remains fresh up to this very day? Or, perhaps some of the action that (more often than not) broke and reshaped the laws of physics as it saw fit? Well, it was a mixture of both, aligned with the sense of unity that these three Biker Mice had together.

The show uses an episodic system where the main antagonist comes up with a new way to reap the resources of Chicago for his own, while summoning at the same time a villain to dispose of the rats once and for all. Each of these villains had a special ability that would put our heroic trio to the test. But in the end, the mice were able to beat them all, even though they didn't always agree with one another.

To me, it has the perfect formula for a successful show. In 2006 however, a sequel was created that followed the story of the last season released in 1996. According to reviews, the revamp did not fare as well as the original.

'Biker Mice From Mars' 2006 [Credit: Criterion Licensing]
'Biker Mice From Mars' 2006 [Credit: Criterion Licensing]

Now that we're in the digital era, perhaps Netflix, Crunchyroll, or some sort of streaming service could appropriate itself of this amazing title and finally allow us to get the full extent of the show? I have no doubt that it would certainly bring older people to revisit the show, and let a new audience experience it for the first time.

All in all, Biker Mice from Mars was one of the best shows I ever had the privilege to see, and I can only hope to get my hands on the first three seasons before diving into the revival series.

Were you a fan of Biker Mice From Mars?


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