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The year 2013 will see the release of 12 Years A Slave and The Wolf of Wall Street, two highly anticipated movies by two great directors.

Those prestige pictures also mark the continuations of two of the most beautiful current director-actor bromances: That of and who have worked together on five movies, and that of and Steve McQueen who haven't let go of each other for three movies now.

In both cases the filmmakers obviously have found their muses - Scorsese even for a second time after his fine-sounding duets with back in the day.

But what about the collaborations that haven't (yet) come to pass, the director-actor pairings that would/could yield magic?

Here are my top five choices for future collaborations:

Denzel Washington and Michael Mann

No director can reduce grown men to tears quite as thoroughly as . Remember those last 20 minutes of The Last of the Mohicans - fight, suicide, speech and all? Or De Niro holding the hand of Pacino and telling him, "I told you I never go back" at the end of Heat? ...sob...

I’d love to see what the director would do with . The actor is by now as iconic as De Niro and Pacino and endowed with a screen presence as intense and mighty as Day-Lewis'. And - if I remember Glory correctly - Mr. Washington isn't exactly a stranger to a good guy-cry flick himself.

What sort of movie they should do: With Mann at the helm, a dark crime thriller obviously. The specifics I am not sure about, only that there should be lots of nighttime close-ups of Denzel and an appropriately tragic ending with a bit of existentialist moodiness thrown in for good measure.

Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese

It's hard to believe, but the great great American director and Mrs. Oscar have never worked together, a deplorable fact but also quite easily accounted for. The fact is: Scorsese rarely makes movies featuring female leads (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore being the clearest exception).

It would be nice if the director could squeeze a -starrer into his incredibly busy schedule. If only for the history books...

What sort of movie they should do: A classic weepie with a nice accent for Streep. Let's say a big, sentimental adult love story à la Bridges of Madison County set in the South.

Colin Firth and Wong Kar Wai

No male caucasian actor can express sadness quite as profoundly as .

But in Asia, must be considered the reigning champ of the gloomy face.

The Hong Kong star has looked miserable for a good part of his career, partly thanks to his great work in 's moody arthouse flicks. But rumor has it that Leung has vowed never to work with the In the Mood for Love director again after the demanding production of The Grandmaster. Therefore Kar Wai might need a new muse soon...

How about Firth, then?

Imagine the British Oscar winner smoking cigarette after cigerette, rain dripping from his hair, the look of a baby poodle freshly bereft of its mother on his face.

What sort of movie they should do: A period spy thriller set in Hong Kong with Firth playing an alcoholic and, yes, sad ambassador.

Dustin Hoffman and Wes Anderson

Like , is known to write certain roles with specific actors in mind.

What is great about this habit is that the actors in question tend to be screen icons (, ) and those roles have been among the best of their illustrious careers.

Now imagine in a movie. Wouldn’t that be terrific? For me, Hoffman’s last truly great lead role was the ridiculously vain but ultimately tragic Hollywood producer Stanley Motts in Wag the Dog. That was in 1997!

I’d say that this lamentable lack of lead roles isn’t so much Hoffman’s fault (who is always good in anything from Meet the Fockers to Stranger Than Fiction) as that of those few great writer-directors who don’t write him the tailor-made swan song of a role he deserves.

I pray to the movie gods that one of ’s future movies may have a chunky role à la Royal Tenenbaum for the Oscar winner.

What sort of movie they should do: A Wes Anderson movie of course!

Lars von Trier and Lindsay Lohan

I am a bit ashamed of this choice, which manages to be egoistic and sadistic at the same time.

The sadistic aspect stems from ’s reputation as a tormentor of leading ladies on one side, and Lohan’s reputation of being... well, prone to getting carried away nightlife-wise on the other.

The choice is egoistic because this presumably volatile coupling would probably yield a production history of Apocalypse Now-esque propotions and severe health risks for Lohan. A good few articles might be written about that tempest of a movie!

But those questionable motivations aside, is one hell of a director who goes to dark, dark places and generally comes back with great, if not exactly comforting, films. And Lohan used to get great reviwews for her early work... which sounds silly considering the actress is still in her twenties.

It would - scandal and torture aside - be a very interesting collaboration, to say the least.

What sort of movie they should do: How about something autobiographic for the actress? The story of a fallen starlet, a sort of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? for our young century.

Those were my very personal choices. Who would you like to see work together? In what movies? Tell me in the comment section below.


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