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Robert Shane

I grew up with Star Wars and still love it. But I also love other classic sci-fi movies like Aliens, Predator and Terminator. Because the imagery of Star Wars has become so familiar to us over the decades, I try to inject something new by depicting scenes that show what it might be like if all those other classic sci-fi properties all occupied the Star Wars universe.

's masterstroke was setting Star Wars "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". With that simple, succinct statement, juxtaposing historical context and futurist content he laid out the Star Wars universe as the broadest of canvases.

It's the scale of that imaginary canvas that has led to so many "expanded universe" stories – whether that be in comic-books, video games or cartoons. It's also why I like to introduce other sci-fi characters into that universe and why I think the news about the Star Wars spin-off movies is good news… there's still so much more to show.

When it comes to deciding who and what makes it into the Star Wars spin-offs, the writers already have a vast amount of evidence to go on about what works for Star Wars fans and what doesn. As long as they listen to and understand what appeals to the fans we should be safe from a Jar Jar Binks prequel tale, or another movie featuring Ewoks helping some kids.

Disney's handling of Pixar and Marvel shows that they do understand that they don't need to sugar-coat everything in order for it to play to a broad audience. In fact Disney has a history of introducing dark elements into its own kid's movies – so I hope they'll have the courage to make some darker Star Wars movies. It would be great to see a Star Wars movie that reflects the more grown-up tone I try to capture in my fan art. Although I doubt we'll ever get to see a movie showing Darth Vader clearing out a Star Destroyer full of Aliens!

Whichever way they go – I'd love an opportunity to be involved. My fan art is simply a way for me to demonstrate my artistic abilities so I'm really grateful to Moviepilot for featuring my work.

Ideas are always welcome if you have any comments or suggestions. You can see more of my work here.


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