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Sophie Atkinson

Ladies,gents, let's all breathe a sigh of relief. After a lengthy quiet period, pre-production is now officially underway in the UK at Pinewood Studios for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens – phew. But when does Star Wars 7 begin production?

Producer told Collider:

"We're progressing on a schedule to hopefully begin next year, or the beginning of next year," says Burk, "and the location is still kind of floating around in the air, all depending on script and a whole bunch of other issues. As I just said, everything is kind of a free-flowing thing, and when we feel like the story level on this script and everything is really coming together and schedules are all working and pieces line up, we prowl ahead, and Star Wars will be no different."

A free flowing thing? I’d always imagined working on something as big as Star Wars would require roughly the same amount of planning as prepping for a natural disaster, or a wedding where the bride’s really demanding. You know? Place settings and gift lists and making sure that weird uncle doesn't sit next to the flirtatious best friend and OH GOD don't let them drink a second bottle of wine...

Thankfully, seemed a little less vague about the schedule, stating that production on Star Wars Episode VII is set to begin at the start of 2014 and that:

“Most likely we are going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the Star Wars movie.”

Latino Review reveals that their sources state that the first day of ‘principal photography is January 21st 2014’ – a Tuesday because Monday 20th is a holiday, Martin Luther King Day.

This means that we're looking at Christmas 2015 for the Star Wars 7. Just can't wait? Or not bothered? Sound off below.


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