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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
Khalil Wright

With Halloween fast approaching you can see orange leaves, lots of wind, and a Halloween film on most of the major television stations. But with all of the Halloween related activity going on you can only help but wonder if we will ever get a new Halloween film, and when? There have been rumors of a sequel due out in 2018, but this has yet to be proven. But despite all of this sequel talk I will go over a couple of directions I think the Halloween films should go in.


Despite all of the recent hate towards remakes, I think now that they’ve already started the remake trend it wouldn’t hurt to see another one that does real justice to the original movie, and the Iconic Michael Myers. Though Rob Zombie's versions were highly successful and more realistic, it sort of took away what was so special about the character in the first place. By providing a reason for Michael Myers to do what he does, it takes away the mysteriousness that made him what he was the first time. So instead of making him come from a dysfunctional home, he should instead come from a nice suburban household with a working family; and then have Michael Myers go crazy. That would definitely put the evilness back into an Icon.


As horrifically horrible the last installment was, I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing how they plan on continuing the series. As much as I would prefer a remake though, it seems like a sequel is what seems to be the direction whoever plans on making the next installment is going in, unfortunately.

Crossover Film

I know this is pretty far-fetched, but a crossover film would be a nice addition to the franchise. Have him in a three way movie with Freddy and Jason, or even just against Jason himself; I would be satisfied either way. Horror fans have been waiting for a movie like this since the mid 80’s, so eventually it would only make sense to give audiences what they deserve.


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