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Fully committing to a TV Series can be a complex and, at times, heartbreaking affair. Having trawled through a wide pond of small screen frogs (I'm looking at you Vinyl, The Get Down and Speechless ) it can feel like you're destined to spend your evenings alone, pining for the return of Game of Thrones and watching Mr Robot reruns. But then, when you least expect it, in waltzes Evan Rachel Wood on a majestic robotic steed, and whisks you away into the untold labyrinthine delights of the Universe and you're hooked, obsessed and suddenly chap-deep in fan theories you didn't even know you were capable of enjoying.

However, like all good love stories, someone has to disappear, possibly for years on end, to rediscover themselves and return to their old lover with new vigor, new tales to tell and possibly a load more extra cash. With the Westworld Season finale looming but only a couple of weeks away, we're bracing ourselves for that inevitable moment when it leaves our screens and abandons us to stagger around aimlessly in the prairie dust as we contemplate taking another dip in that murky pool of frogs once again.

But just how long will we have to wait for Season 2 to return to us?

HBO Confirms Westworld's Renewal

Along with Divorce and Insecure, HBO have officially ordered a Second Season of Westworld which was to be expected given that it's averaged a whopping 11.7 million viewers during the Series so far, even surpassing the first Season of Game Of Thrones.

Breaking the news on its fictionalized Westworld website ',' the HBO execs retweeted the sinister almost Ring like video clip which incorporates footage that looks like it was recorded from an interrupted analogue broadcast of the Show and includes Anthony Hopkins' voice cryptically stating over the top of it:

Westworld's Cast & Crew Are Excited About Season Two

Westworld: Maeve And Clementine In Happier Times
Westworld: Maeve And Clementine In Happier Times
  • Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy, the writers and co-creators of Westworld said in a statement that:

"We’re thrilled that the saga of Westworld will continue for another season. During the lengthy journey to the screen, our incredibly talented actors, staff and crew became a family, and we look forward to the privilege of continuing this experience with them."

We’re also thankful to all of our amazing partners at HBO, WBTV and Bad Robot for their steadfast support, imagination and ambition. We simply couldn't have made this show anywhere else."

  • Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores, the oldest Host in the park reacted with this joyous Tweet depicting not one, but four tongue-happy emoji faces:

  • Jeffrey Wright who plays the endearingly loyal Bernard posted a cryptic '' possibly referring to the acid-like nature of the Show, unfurling layer upon layer of what it means to be a sentient being:

  • Thandie Newton who plays the undisputed kween of Host-sass, Maeve, congratulated the Shows fans:

  • James Marsden who plays Teddy, the cowboy with a heart of gold and a dark past, told us all to hold on to our hats:

  • Anthony Hopkins who plays the increasingly terrifying Ford, grand ringmaster of the park, true to form, kept it to the point:

When Will Westworld Season Two Air?

  • The Concept For Season Two Is Already Completed

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Casey Bloy, HBO's Programming Executive, stated that due to how huge the Westworld Universe is, how many storylines there are and the sheer quality of the Show that Westworld Season 2 will probably not air until 2018. The scripts have yet to be fully mapped out and finalized, although Series writers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have already come up with the direction of the Second Season, which Bloy promises is just as "exciting, mysterious and fun" as the first.

  • But Its Scheduling Depends On HBO's Other TV Commitments

However, when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bloy also indicated that there is a slight chance that Season Two could premiere this time next year, in the Fall of 2017. But due to the commissioning of the second rounds of Insecure and Divorce, both of which are half hour-long Shows, these are more likely to take the Fall 2017 slot, with Westworld being pushed to 2018.


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