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Talladega Nights' Ricky Bobby () was once a racing god. A stud on the NASCAR circuit, he's since fallen out of the fame and glory of what should have been a long and storied racing career. So what happened? As it turns out, film director sat down to pen a satirical story for Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard section, recounting the time he caught up with the former racing legend.

As it turns out, Bobby is running RB's Smoke and Toke Shop in the small town of Keneshaw, Kentucky, along with his best friend, Cal Naughton, Jr. (). So why is he here, instead of racing cars for scantily-clad women and wads of cash? Well, it was one of Bobby's chronic foot-in-mouth moments that brought about the downfall, writes McKay:

The final nail in his career coffin came when he attempted to thank a valued crew member, catch-can man Alfred Ah, after a top-five finish at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. 'I want to give a huge thank you to Al Ah!' Ricky Bobby yelled to the crowd. 'Without Al Ah, none of this would be possible! Those that don’t recognize Al Ah are my enemy!!' The 116,000 fans showered Bobby with boos. And just like that he was gone from the sport...

Poor Ricky Bobby. The rest of the interview can be found here. Let's all mourn the loss of a legend and check out this video of him and Cal in their prime:


Ferrell himself can be found later this year in the upcoming Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

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