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Dawn Lodrigue

Edward Cullen was a pretty boy with a sparkly body and a slight ability to mildly scare. True Blood made being a vampire part of everyday society, and sex and blood a fun combination. I do, though, remember a book character that could scare and seduce better than Christian Grey any day. Movie producers, why is there no more Lestat?

Does anyone remember when they watched Queen of the Damned, and the bathtub scene hit? I don’t actually know a female who didn’t Google Stuart Townsend as their new Hollywood god. After all, he was a rock star, charismatic vampire, and half naked. Lestat in all the books commands attention, intellect, fear, and ever so big, the world in general. He is fearless, lonely, and into trouble. Men want to be him, women want to be his snack. So with the vampire craze still going, I am making a request out to all producers of movies: Bring Lestat back, remind the world what the author Anne Rice created.

I personally am going to pick a later book in the vampire chronicles as it has an amazing original plot. What could scare a vampire? How about the idea of Heaven and impending Hell as an example. In Rice’s Memnoch the Devil, Lestat encounters a figure claiming to be the devil calling himself Memnoch. It is at this time that Memnoch offers an arrangement to Lestat, the chance to see it all happen. Heaven and the singing choirs of angels, the start of creation itself, the fall of Memnoch himself, and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, ending in the final road to Hell. Lestat is being persuaded by God and the Devil, both offering what he was never sure existed for vampires.

There has never been a vampire novel that truly questioned where the good and bad in vampires lie. Memnoch the Devil was a first to send one into the perfect skies above and then drag him to a different version of Hell. Now, while grasping all this, keep in mind this is Lestat, so he goes nowhere without an attitude or opinion.

I miss a vampire who seduces out of boredom and loneliness. I miss the humanity mixing with insanity. I miss Lestat, and we need a real vampire to remind us of why we were ever scared or beguiled.


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