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Dark, gritty, gut-wrenchingly realistic: These are words I never thought I'd hear used to describe a film starring Michelle Pfeiffer. It's a rare sort of role for the three-time Oscar nominee. To say the least, I'm definitely intrigued by the premise of her upcoming film Where Is Kyra?.

Michelle Pfeiffer stars alongside Keifer Sutherland in new indie drama
Michelle Pfeiffer stars alongside Keifer Sutherland in new indie drama

Directed by Andrew Dosunmu, with a screenplay by Darci Picoult, was recently selected to premiere at 2017's Sundance Film Festival. Excellent news, considering that films like Reservoir Dogs, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Birth of a Nation all had their big breakouts at Sundance.

It's Her Time To Shine — Again

This will be 's first film in four years. Her last, Luc Besson's The Family, in which she starred opposite Robert De Niro, failed to deliver box office glory. Even more let down were her fans who expected the film to finally be her big comeback hit.

When asked why this film was chosen for the festival, film selectors John Cooper and Trevor Groth had this to say:

"Michelle Pfeiffer plays a very different character. ... Gritty, down and dirty, something you never seen her doing before, and it's beautifully cinematic."

While we eagerly await the first trailer for Where Is Kyra?, a poster has been released, showcasing a different side to the Hollywood A-lister we really haven't seen before. Hopefully the trailer isn't too far behind. Check out the poster below:

The 2017 Sundance Film Festival runs from Thursday, January 19 to Sunday, January 29. Still no word on whether the film will eventually make its way to a wider release. Meanwhile, here's the synopsis for the film from the official Sundance website:

Mild-mannered, sheltered Kyra, played with intensity by Michelle Pfeiffer, begins to spiral after the death of her mother. Long out of work, the deep-in-debt Kyra struggles to support herself. As she becomes increasingly desperate and isolated, longing for her mother, she launches a cryptic, last-ditch scheme to keep from being evicted. She also finds solace in another lonely soul, Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), from whom she initially tries to hide her plight, but Kyra slowly ropes him into her deception.

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