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Sophie Atkinson

Will the new NCIS New Orleans-set show win the award for the most spin-off-tastic venture in recent cop drama history?

The original show, NCIS, was itself a spin-off from another CBS series, JAG, which you've probably never heard of, because it was cancelled all the way back in 1996 when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but was basically a legal drama show with a military twist.

NCIS already has its own spin-off show - NCIS: Los Angeles - which viewers have taken to like ducks to water, so they've decided to replicate the success of the LA set show by giving it a second spin off, set in the Big Easy. Whether or not this counts as a spin-off of a spin-off since it replicates the 'same show, new location' premise, it sounded pretty heavily diluted to me at first.

So you might not expect much – I know I didn't. However, on reading up on NCIS's New Orleans installment, it sounds like a surprisingly strong premise for the new show. New Orleans has been chosen for its rich history as a place of debauchery and fun – but this means it's also a magnet for military personnel on-leave, who get out of control and cause trouble. As such, there's plenty of work to go around at the NCIS New Orleans office...

Faithful followers of the franchise should fear not: series star and showrunner will be on hand to produce, ensuring it delivers the same pithy dialogue and testosterone-fuelled crime investigation as the other two shows.

Will you be watching? Or is NCIS: Los Angeles more than enough in terms of NCIS spin-offs and you don't need another one? Let me know below.


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