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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Today saw the release of the Iron Man 3: Prelude Part 1 comic, and it answers a small question that has been nagging me since I saw The Avengers last summer. Where the heck was Rhodey that whole time? Iron Man could have used a little War Machine backup, no?

According to, the comic book lets out that War Machine was in Hong Kong. Apparently, he uncovers a Ten Rings plan to pull off a bioterror attack and traces it to a facility in Hong Kong. Cue a gunfight, which Iron Man interrupts from – you guessed it – New York.

Click here to see the next panel, which shows Iron Man in the thick of the Avengers battle for the Big Apple.

Does this mean that the bioterror attack element is going to make it into Iron Man 3? We know the Mandarin and the Ten Rings will likely be involved, so it's not a stretch. Folks, we could very well be looking at the central action points in the film, in the pages of this comic book.

What do you think? Is Iron Man 3: Prelude Part 1 giving us a spoiler on a possible catalyst for Iron Man 3? Let us know what you think in the comments and [[follow]] the film to get the latest news from Moviepilot.


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