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Right before the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA launched off, two major companies have released a statement that should be great cause of joy to action movie fans everywhere: Sony Pictures Classics and Stage 6 Films will provide for a theatrical release of the movie The Raid 2: Berendal, the sequel to ' acclaimed cinematographic roller coaster The Raid: Redemption.

This sequel starts off right were its predecessor left off, namely Rama (played by ) going undercover in order to infiltrate a Jakartan organized crime ring. He's spurred on by the need to protect his own family and the desire to reveal the utter corruption of the Indonesian capital's police forces.

Just so you get an idea of exactly how promising this film is, a short teaser scene was screened at the Toronto Film Festival, and the crowd wend wild cheering. So it seems like a safe bet that The Raid 2 won't disappoint most high-energy action film fans. The movie is still currently in it post-production phase.


Although no specific release date has been announced as of yet, most expect the highly-anticipated film to come out around March 2014.

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