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Do you remember the 1997 Spawn adaptation? Well, if you do, you probably wish you didn't. This origin story of Todd McFarlane’s highly popular demonic hero, Spawn, was almost universally hated. Despite the awful reviews, a second Spawn movie was being discussed as early as 1998, however, for one reason or another this project plummeted into development hell.

That doesn't mean a new Spawn Reboot is not on the way. MTV caught up with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane at a recent TIA Toy Fair. From the sounds of things, he's gone back to the drawing board, with McFarlane currently writing the script at the rate of a "page here and there". But, he didn't leave it here; he also teased the involvement of an Academy Award winning actor and gave the low-down on an almost completed Spawn animated series. Check it all out in the video below:

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Of course, the most exciting news regarding this project is the involvement of an anonymous Oscar winner. Although ’s performance in the original Spawn movie was competent enough, attaching a big name to Spawn might just give it the push it needs.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas about who this mysterious Spawn enthusiast could be? Let us know below.


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