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Hollywood is a land of trends. Trends that go in, trends that go out, and trends that come back in again whether we want them to or not. Like polyester and neon. The weirdest trend shaping up in Hollywood right now is Biblical epics. No less than three Bible-based blockbusters are currently in development or filming, with 's Noah, 's Gods and Kings, and 's Exodus: Gods and Kings all competing against one another.

At the moment, it's Aronofsky's -led epic that seems to have the jump on its competition, being firmly in the middle of filming. It's just released some more images via /Film, these ones utilizing Iceland's majestic landscape as a backdrop for the simple, naturalistic set photos (Fun fact: Iceland is also where they film any scenes beyond the Wall for Game of Thrones).

Along with Crowe, Noah stars , , , and . If things go according to plan (always a toss-up with Aronofsky), the Biblical epic will be in theaters on March 28 of next year.

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