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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Act of Valor 2 is set to follow walk in slightly different combat boots from its massively popular predecessor. The new Act of Valor movie will still come charged with the heavy action and real-life detail that made the first Act of Valor over $70 million in the US box office, but will switch its focus from Navy SEALS to the hardmen of the elite SWAT team.

Act of Valor 2 will be written and helmed by Scott Wiper, and the Bandito Brothers will reprise their role as producers. Relativity Media will finance the project, and are said to be developinng a scripted drama inspired by the original Act of Valor for the small screen.

With the success of the first Act of Valor movie, and Oscar nods to Zero Dark Thirty, it seems the public are more hungry than ever to watch war movies informed by as much real life detail as possible. Will the switch from SEALs to SWAT in Act of Valor 2 be a blockbuster success, or a suicide mission?



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