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There are two things inevitable on HBO's Game of Thrones: a cold snap, and the sweet embrace of death. As we roll out the dragons in the final two seasons of the epic Ice and Fire saga, there aren't too many characters still knocking around in Westeros. With some 150,000 deaths across the past six seasons — and more sure to come in Season 7 — taking a leaf out of the Bee Gees book and "Stayin' Alive" is a lot harder than you might think.

So, of all those who have shuffled off to the depths of the Seven Hells or Seven Heavens, who would our favorite (alive) members of the cast bring back to life? Given the handy powers of the wrinkled Melisandre — who we saw resurrect 's at the start of Season 6 — who would our long-haired bastard decide to give some much-needed CPR to? Well, he revealed his answer to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview.

What Is Dead May Never Die

Sadly, Harington doesn't go for his dearly departed mother Lyanna Stark, or even red-headed squeeze Ygritte, he instead opted for Viserys Targaryen. An odd choice, considering that the duo shared no scenes, but Harington said that Viserys would "kick up some trouble" for the show. Given the potential pairing of Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy, not to mention the approaching White Walkers, I think Westeros has more than enough villains for now.

Viserys memorably lost his life when sass-mouthing his sister in Season 1's "A Golden Crown." Lasting a grand total of six episodes, Viserys had a pot of molten gold poured over his head by an enraged Khal Drogo. As a lackluster version of Joffrey Baratheon, there's no doubt there have been much better villains since Viserys. Personally, resurrecting heroes like Ser Jeor Mormont, Hodor, or Ned Stark would surely be more popular choices than the sniveling Targaryen heir.

There have been some truly wonderful characters who haven't made it this far, but Viserys has got to be one of the worst. Also, I don't think bringing him back to "kick up trouble" for his sister would do much anymore. With three dragons, a new army of Dothraki, and her own Greyjoy fleet, the Breaker of Chains is finally set to place her feet firmly in Westeros when Season 7 kicks off!

A Stark Contrast

Thankfully, other cast members such as , , and Isaac Hempstead-Wright were on hand to give us some more noble choices. The rest of the (surviving) Stark kids had their own musings on who should live or die on . Williams opted for Jon's bae Ygritte so they could get steamy in a cave again; Turner would like to see Oberyn Martell take on the Mountain again for a WWE smackdown; and Hempstead-Wright pledged allegiance to his brother Robb Stark — what, no Hodor either?

Admittedly, Robb Stark would be a great choice, and Hempstead-Wright reasoned that it would make sense “because then we could have a slightly better reunion.” However, to not sew Ned's head back on would be a travesty — although there is already a crackpot theory he is alive. Also, how on EARTH did none of the Stark kids mention bringing back Catelyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart? Finally, is anyone else a little bummed that none of the Starks mentioned a single direwolf?

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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