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It's been a while since there's been any talk of a third Bad Boys flick, the action franchise starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as a pair of police detectives investigating narcotics flows and being all like

Well, Bad Boys may be fo' life, but not for the last decade! I guess, as ten years has now passed since and 's Bad Boys 2, it looks like Sony Pictures is getting serious again.

The latest Bad Boys 3 news in circulation is that Safe House scribe is now on board to write the screenplay. Although details are thin on the ground, that at least tells us that a Bad Boys 3 is definitely in progress and that we can hopefully expect another round of machismo and bloodshed at some point in the near future.

Smith and Lawrence are to star in the third feature, but it's not yet known if director Bay - who helmed the first two flicks - will return to the franchise. Still, having done action-thriller speckled with CIA, international criminals, and mercenaries for 2012's Safe House, here's hoping that Guggenheim is a good candidate for sharp-tongued undercover cops who solve crimes with incredible action, trigger-happy fingers, and plenty of profanity.

Do you want to see the Bad Boys back in action? And, do you think Guggenheim will be a good fit? Sound off below, Moviepilots!

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