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In one of the biggest reveals to be announced all year, has officially confirmed project in development. The original plan to create a full-length feature for the Inhumans was scrapped early last year. But now, new reports indicate that Marvel is moving forward with the Inhumans in a new Marvel TV series, titled The Inhumans.

The Inhumans Are Joining ABC

A brief description of The Inhumans was released with the announcement made on The Hollywood

ABC's 'The Inhumans' will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.

Breaking Down The Brief Plot Description Of The Inhumans ABC Series

While the description is brief, it tells quite a bit of the plot by itself. For one, Black Bolt is at the center of it all. And with the addition of the royal family to the series' description, it's fairly obvious that The Inhumans will depict a variety of Black Bolt's teammates joining him. Most of the royal family are prominent Inhumans from Marvel comics, as well as being residents of Attilan.

Attilan is the homeworld to Black Bolt and the ancient race of Inhumans. Attilan is a movable city, built upon a technologically advanced foundation. Within the comics, Attilan has been moved from several locations but it's always remained protected by Black Bolt and his family.

Considering that Black Bolt and his family will be at the center of The Inhumans, it's reasonable to believe the eight-episode series will take place on the Inhuman island, Attilan. The setting is believable considering the information already released, but the timeline/era in which The Inhumans will take place is still quite mysterious. With Black Bolt and his Inhuman brethren living extended lives, they could exist in any period of time. However, there's only two logical points in time for The Inhumans to be set in.

The Royal Inhuman Family, Marvel Comics.
The Royal Inhuman Family, Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics' History Of The Inhumans

One possible time being imminently before Black Bolt becomes king of Attilan. Black Bolt became the king of Attilan under grim circumstances and would be an interesting situation to see played out.

In the comics, Maximus, another Inhuman of the Royal Family, contacted the alien Kree and made a pact with them to overthrow the Inhumans. News of Maximus's treacherous plan didn't reach Black Bolt until it was too late. Maximus and the Kree were already staged above Attilan in a massive Kree ship when Black Bolt unleashed a blast of his quasi-sonic voice to knock them out of the sky. Black Bolt was successful in taking the Kree ship down, but in doing so, the falling Kree ship landed directly on Attilan, killing the current king and queen. With the throne vacant, Black Bolt had no other option than to become king.

Black Bolt and Lockjaw, Marvel Comics.
Black Bolt and Lockjaw, Marvel Comics.

A similar scenario could take place on The Inhumans. Since the series is set to follow Black Bolt and the Royal Family, it would seem plausible for the events of The Inhumans to follow Black Bolt as he's forced onto the throne of Attilan, regardless of his feelings toward taking the throne. Although, it's also possible The Inhumans will take place well after Black Bolt has become king of Attilan.

If you're not familiar with Black Bolt, he is the king of Attilan but he can't speak. Black Bolt's sonic voice give him an enormously powerful voice that prohibits him from speaking. Even a whisper can knock down an entire building. Black Bolt can only safely communicate with others through telepathic means.

Could A Struggle For Power Be At The Center Of The Inhumans?

In the scenario of Black Bolt already being king of Attilan, it would mean the present Royal Family consists of Black Bolt's closest blood relatives and wife. His wife, Medusa, could definitely accompany Black Bolt in The Inhumans. Medusa has filled in for Black Bolt as leader of the Inhumans in Attilan on more than one occasion in the comics; it doesn't hurt she's also the queen of Attilan.

Medusa, Marvel Comics.
Medusa, Marvel Comics.

Black Bolt's brother, Maximus, might also have a pivotal role to play. However, Maximus has a history of attempting to usurp the throne of Attilan. Were Maximus to have a part in The Inhumans, he would most likely be the antagonist, attempting to have Black Bolt dethroned.

Maximus has been known to be quite a threat to Black Bolt in comics, so an iteration of Maximus on 's The Inhumans could definitely see him make a play to become king of Attilan himself.


The task wouldn't be simple, but an Inhuman like Maximus is capable of conjuring up enough treachery to usurp the throne of Attilan to rule for himself. It would be interesting to see Maximus attempt to dethrone his brother, but we can expect Black Bolt to stop Maximus before he's victorious. Black Bolt may not want to be the king of Attilan but he'll remain on the throne for as long as necessary.

Still have some questions about the Inhumans? Check out the clip below for more info about the most recently announced Marvel team to get their own series:

What do you want to see take place on ABC's The Inhumans? A fight for control over the Inhuman state of Attilan? Struggle for power between Black Bolt and Maximus? Fighting between Inhuman brothers and sisters? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Which Other Inhumans Do You Want To See Join Black Bolt?

The Inhumans premieres Fall 2017



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