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Marking his first appearance in 1963, Iceman has been around almost as long as the Avengers. While other characters like Captain America, The Hulk and Thor have gone on to have multiple ongoing series, this will be the first time for Iceman, despite having a miniseries in 1984, and again in 2001. Recently, Iceman's solo debut has been met with positive reviews and high hopes from Marvel fans worldwide. gave it four out of five stars, while IGN gave the comic a solid 7.8 rating. While discussing the prospects of Iceman's future issues, IGN also elaborated on why this looks to be a great run for the character.

"It's a very well-executed story regardless, one that showcases Bobby Drake's crazy personal life while still making the most of his incredible powers. Iceman is shaping up to be a worthy addition to the ResurrXion lineup."

Given his rich history, it's strange that Iceman hasn't had an ongoing series before. He's just as funny as Spider-Man, easily more powerful, and has enough personality to maintain his own series. However, he isn't the only X-Man who has consistently missed out on the opportunity to get their own series. With the success of Marvel's 'Iceman #1', let's take a look at the other Marvel characters that are still waiting for their own chance to shine in an ongoing solo series.


(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

Believe it or not, Juggernaut has been around since 1995. He's primarily been a thorn in the butts of mutants, but he's also fought the Hulk, The Avengers, Thor and Spider-Man. He has been a constant terror and is still one of Marvel's strongest villains. However, his best moment as a character was when he was a slightly de-powered hero. Despite this, he has never had his own comic book run.

Juggy was also great as a member of the X-Men's British chapter Excalibur, and was especially enjoyable on Luke Cage's Thunderbolts team. Juggernaut showed actual emotions that ranged from more than just anger and rage. He showed a lot of compassion for his teammates and civilians, all while struggling with no longer being the unstoppable force he once was.

Just like Dr. Doom in Infamous Iron Man, the story of retribution is a good one. Juggernaut could have spent the rest of his days trying to avenge the death of his friend Sammy and had to defeat some of his villainous friends and make up for the destruction he had previously caused.

Juggernaut is back to being a villain, but it would be fantastic to see him become a hero again with his own comic book series.

Multiple Man

(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

If I had to pick the most underrated character on any X-Men roster, it would be James "Jamie" Madrox a.k.a. The Multiple Man. He isn't super strong, he doesn't fly, and he doesn't have a healing factor. However, he speaks over a dozen languages, once trained with Shaolin Monks, worked with S.H.I.E.L.D., knows multiple forms of martial arts, and so much more. Now, imagine all of those skills coming at you from fifty people at once? THAT is what you get with Jamie Madrox. But it doesn't stop there.

Madrox has a great sense of humor and a he's a character that everyone can easily get behind. At the end of the day, he has trouble making decisions (because he can literally go in all directions), but isn't afraid to make dirty deals to keep his teammates safe.

Unfortunately, Madrox was the first casualty of the M-Pox Virus that was killing and sterilizing mutants for a couple of years. Before that, he was content on raising his kid with his wife, Layla. Because of his powers of duplication, there's a good chance he can come back, and it wouldn't be that difficult to explain. His emphatic return may even justify The Multiple Man getting his very own comic book series.

Kitty Pryde

(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

Kitty Pryde has come a long way from being the new little girl in the X-Men. She has been possessed by a ninja demon, trained by Wolverine, worked with Nick Fury, a teacher to young mutants, and saved multiple planets from being destroyed by a giant bullet. Now, Kitty Pryde has taken the role of both Cyclops and Professor Xavier. She is the leader of the X-Men and has brought the team back to basics, protecting a world that still hates and fears them.

This is the perfect time for Kitty Pryde to get her own series. Women are looking for heroes to look up to, but so are Jewish women. Kitty Pryde is smart, tough and can fight better than many Marvel fans realize.

Mr. Sinister

Of all the enemies of the X-Men, Mr. Sinister is the most successful. Dr. Doom may have taken over the multiverse, Red Skull may have taken out Steve Rogers, and Norman Osborn may have temporarily controlled the world's security, but Nathaniel Essex never really loses.

Mr. Sinister has always found a way to take every loss and turn it into a victory. When she was secretly working for Weapon X and the facility was shut down, he still stole enough genetic material from the prisoners to continue his experiments. A series tracking Sinister's life when he was with Apocalypse would be fantastic. If Thanos can get an ongoing series, then Mr. Sinister should definitely have one as well.

Which Marvel character would you like to see claim their own comic book series? Let me know in the comments!


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