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Warning: Spoilers for Old Man Logan below. You've been warned.

Movie Pilot staff writer Katie Granger makes a great case for why it’s not Old Man Logan in her post 'Wolverine 3': A Mad Scientist & An 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Link. Is Richard E. Grant Mr. Sinister?

Too many hints that suggest Wolverine 3: Logan is all about Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister and his habit of cloning mutants, she writes. And that doesn’t jibe with the Old Man Logan story.

She’s right. It doesn’t. And I agree with her. Sinister is the likely villain and the debut of X-23 is almost a forgone conclusion. In fact, Sinister’s presence is confirmed.

However, you can still adapt the better part of the Old Man Logan story, stay true to its through-line and introduce new elements and story beats. After all, what’s at the heart of the Old Man Logan story anyway?

Making Old Man Logan Outside The MCU

Is this Hugh Jackman's Old Man Logan look?
Is this Hugh Jackman's Old Man Logan look?

A defeated Logan, tricked by a supervillain into doing terrible things to his friends, has given up his Wolverine persona and sheathed his claws for good. Cash-strapped in a world gang-ruled by enemies, Logan is drawn into a questionable adventure by a former ally.

Twists and turns eventually lead Logan to the mastermind of this terrible new reality, and Logan must decide whether to return to doing what he does best (and what he does best isn’t very nice) or give up entirely. Could this be the synopsis for Wolverine 3? Easily

Tone down the apocalyptic aspects of the comic arc (less deserts with Venom dinosaurs and more Sin Cities run by mutant gangsters), ground it in a more technologically realistic future (think Gattaca) and you can play that story out easily.

What you don’t want to get rid of, though, is Wolverine’s trip down memory lane with older versions of superheroes and villains. So which mutant stands in for which Marvel Cinematic Universe hero? We have some ideas:

The Hulk = Sabretooth

In Old Man Logan, Bruce Banner has gone mad, a side effect of the gamma, presumably, joining the supervillain army and now ruling a portion of California called Hulkland. This Hulk is truly insane, building a vast Hulk army from children he fathered with She-Hulk.

In Wolverine 3, this nasty landlord would be Sabretooth. Victor Creed would rule with the same blood thirst Old Man Logan’s Hulk displayed, and would basically repeat history by murdering Logan’s new family, just to send a message.

Creed would also sport the same motivation as the Hulk: Force Logan to unsheathe his claws and come after him, just to alleviate Creed’s boredom.

Hawkeye = Gambit

In need of cash to pay off the Hulk, Logan agrees to deliver a briefcase full of secrets to S.H.I.E.L.D., joined by an old, blind Hawkeye. They’ll have to drive across the supervillain-ruled country to make the drop. Adventure ensues.

Though he has appeared only once before, Gambit inhabits the same cocksure, blue collar attitude as Hawkeye. Both are marksmen of a sort, as well. A blind Gambit would make an interesting companion, especially if he is played by an aged actor.

Now, I’ll say, if you check out IMDb, you won’t find a character actor that fits the Gambit profile. Well, OK, not true. Eriq La Salle would make a brilliant Gambit. And his character hasn’t been identified yet. So, cross your fingers, I suppose.

I also considered Professor X for Wolverine’s travelling companion. Still possible. And just as fascinating, but I think Charles Xavier is playing a different role.

Ashley Barton = Rebecca Lebeau

During their adventure, Hawkeye and Logan take a side quest to Hammer Falls, formerly Las Vegas. Hawkeye wants to save/recruit his daughter, Ashley Barton, from the clutches of the Kingpin. Turns out Barton isn’t interested in being saved. She’s interested in taking over.

Betcha didn’t know Gambit had a daughter? He does — at least in one timeline. That’d be Rebecca Lebeau, daughter of Remy and Rogue. Could Becka turn out like Barton, planning a hostile take over of Las Vegas’s crime syndicate? Maybe. Or maybe the duo becomes a trio.

Black Bolt And Emma Frost = Professor X

Inhuman Black Bolt and mutant Emma Frost guard the last safe haven for mutants. They aid Logan and Hawkeye in their time of need. Frost, who looks no different than she did 20 years ago, reveals she actually looks nothing of the sort — her younger self an image projected into the minds of others.

While he may play a larger role in the film, expect Charles Xavier to fill both roles mentioned above. We’ll get a younger Xavier (man, it would be great if we had a James McAvoy cameo as the projection of a younger Xavier, but expect some Patrick Stewart CGI) who drops his telepathic projection when Logan calls him out on it. That’s when we’ll see the hobbled version leaked in photos earlier this summer. I bet Professor X’s mind is as sharp as ever. His body, not so much.

The Red Skull = Mister Sinister

In Old Man Logan, it is revealed that Red Skull is the mastermind behind a plot to build an army and invade lands occupied by fellow supervillains. He'll use the briefcase full of secrets (which turns out to be super solider serum; oh, and S.H.I.E.L.D. was just a ruse) delivered by Logan and Hawkeye.

In Wolverine 3, Mister Sinister is the mastermind. In this case, like his comic book counterpart, Sinister is a biologist who has unlocked the power to clone individuals. Sinister’s goal in this adaptation is to procure more of Logan’s blood so he can create an army of Wolverines. We’ll see that Sinister has already succeeded in cloning Logan from blood procured at the Weapon X facility, as seen in X-Men: Apocalypse’s after-credits scene.

As Logan defeats Sinister, Logan will learn that this clone was living right under his nose: back in California with Creed.

Baby Banner = X-23

Old Man Logan ends with Logan defeating Banner and riding off into the sunset with a baby — the junior version of Bruce Banner.

In Wolverine 3, we’ll see Logan destroy Creed and become the surrogate father of a young girl named Laura Kinney. Kinney, comics fans know, is the clone of Logan, X-23, and today’s new Wolverine.

What do you think of these mutant substitutions for the upcoming Wolverine 3 movie? Let's see what Logan has to say about it:


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