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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Considering Man of Steel's $650 million opening, it seems that the newest Superman movie is popular throughout the DC universe... except with the man whom replaced in the titular role. donned the cape for the 2006 Superman Returns, and was less than complimentary about Man of Steel at the Chicago Comic-Con:

It seems to me that they were given a note that more action was wanted. It tried to make up for what Superman Returns lacked, but at the same time what Superman Returns had perhaps Man of Steel lacked.

You can't get 100% success. To reach too far toward one crowd, you miss another audience or age group. It is difficult to be a movie executive.

However, Routh wasn't about to start hating on the Man of Steel, admitting that the role of a new father was the only one he was really concerned about, and all he wants is to 'spread love':

With a newborn baby I have not been out of the house much to see movies, but I have heard a lot about the film. I guess what I want my superpower to be...and it’s real cheesy, but it is to spread love.

Routh may not be Man of Steel's biggest superfan, but he certainly paid homage to the most iconic Superman, .

I wanted to make sure I did justice to his legacy. That is why I tried to bring as much of his spirit and energy to the role as I could while still doing things to make it my own...people know him in the role, so it was important that I try and bridge the gap.

Here's a clip of Brandon Routh at Comic Con, talking about what projects might be in the pipeline for him in his post-Superman schedule.


Do you prefer Cavill to Routh as Superman? Or is it Reeve all the way?



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